Wordless Wednesday – 14 Weeks!

Oh, you know, just pregnant and rockin’ a Lao cotton skirt-dress muu-muu hybrid I grabbed from my late Grandmother’s closet. It’s just a tube dress of printed cotton that I wear when I’m out of the shower or sleeping since it’s easy to nurse Humnoy in and is breathable to sulk around the house for hours because, after all, what’s the point of real clothes when you’re a pregnant, stay-at-home-mom.

Happy Wednesday!

What was your favorite thing to wear on those pregnant lazy days?


Whoa, that’s a dirty bathroom mirror.


18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 14 Weeks!

  1. My arm wings are the size of your 14 week preggo waist. I suppose that makes sense considering my favorite thing to wear when I was pregnant were the crumbs of a freshly devoured meal-snack-binge-repeat.

  2. I want to know if your belly grows bigger this time! I am 20 weeks and I look 7 months preggo. My doctor said that its normal to get bigger your second time around. People keep asking me if I am having twins. Your def right about lounging wear. I wear my husbands shirts sometimes…

  3. Congratulations, Mama!!!! I just had a feeling you were prego!!! Why? Because I am too and I was just thinking of all my friends who have little ones and who might be prego right along with me! I think we are also in the same week! I’m due February 7ish-ish-ishnessssss. Blah, what ever due date! Baby will come when baby will come! Congrats, again!!!! =))))

      • I am so happy for you!!! And it is pretty funny we are due the same week, maybe our babies will share birthdays! =) Wish we were moving out there, we will have to just plan a visit soon!

      • Well, that’s too bad because I need some mommy friends here. It’s quite lonely especially now that I’m pregnant and have little to no way to entertain the toddler. He is probably sick of his mother.

        Well, again, congratulations and I hope your pregnancy has been great so far!

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