Breastfeeding Toddler Positions aka Gymnurstics: The Leg Slam

The original Breastfeeding Toddler Positions meme has gone viral! It’s pretty cool that so many shared it, linked it, and commented on it. What’s even more cool is that there are so many other nursing mothers that are nursing strong into and past infancy.

Humnoy is now 17 months and although we are struggling with breastfeeding during pregnancy, he still is a breastfed kid. He has a new move, y’all and it is usually executed with a forceful lift into the air then a SLAM! onto my sleeping face with a touch of heel smushing up my nose. He loves me, that kid.

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Any new funny Breastfeeding Toddler Positions you’ve run across lately?

breastfeeding toddler the leg slam.jpg

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5 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Toddler Positions aka Gymnurstics: The Leg Slam

  1. I breastfed until about 16 months and she just loved just being held like a baby unless someone came over then she would turn in every direction she could (while eating) to see who it was. I guess I was lucky i wasn’t getting kicked in the face. Just pinched and poked at. She slowly weaned herself and then for the next year or more wished she hadn’t i think. If she even saw me naked she would go after me!

  2. Don’t envy the leg slam – think I’d end up with a broken nose, given my kids huge feet! My older kid lost a bit of interest when I was pregnant with the younger one – went down to one feed every few days. She picked up again around 26 weeks, when I started making colostrum, I think – she liked the sweeter milk, even if it was a bit more effort.

    • That makes me feel great knowing my milk will be more abundant than now! I’ve heard of success stories from other nursing pregnant moms that toddlers didn’t mind the colostrum. Hope humnoy is the same! I hope to continue until he’s truly ready to wean.

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