An Easy Toddler Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

Humnoy has been obsessed with drawing – on paper, on walls, on himself. I try to channel this new-found skill into what every mother does – try to make crafts out of this adorable toddler activity, Instagram it, and send it off to family and friends. Where else do I turn but to Pinterest? Duh. I came across this super easy and simple craft that didn’t require any special items. I had everything in my home and an average crafter’s drawer.

All you need is:

  • an empty toilet paper roll
  • tape
  • red paint
  • cardstock
  • envelopes (if you’re gifting your toddler creation to a special someone)

All you do is (as adapted from Rust and Sunshine):

  1. Flatten the paper roll so it has a crease on both sides.
  2. Push one crease inward to make a heart, and wrap a piece of tape around the tube to help the heart hold its shape.
  3. Dip one end in the paint.
  4. Hand it to the excited toddler and let them have fun!

Additional ideas:

  • Do the craft around Valentine’s Day
  • Add a note inside with a “just because… I love you” for a sweet non-Valentine’s occasion
  • Try it with a rainbow paint palette for a colorful friendship card

Do you have any other ideas for this simple craft? What are your favorite easy and simply toddler crafts?


5 thoughts on “An Easy Toddler Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

  1. AH! We should’ve done that to our envelopes! They were so plain! I didn’t even think of doing anything else to them after the pictures and hand made stuff…I was eager to just ship them out haha!

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