How Bedsharing Prepares You for Any Sleeping Situation

Humnoy slept overnight in the tent for the first time ever. Well, only because he screamed like a banshee when I tried to get him down for the night in the spare bedroom in the attic. Yeah, so when I say “camping”, I really meant cabin livin’! Potato pohtahtoh. Believe you me, all this tired mama wanted was to sleep on a bed, inside, away from nature. This screaming is usually normal at bedtime but we were staying with a retired couple, who enjoy their quiet, and a family with a preschooler next to us so we had to make the executive decision to take this banshee outside. Thus commences his first night in a tent! There you go, Humnoy; there’s your first camping experience complete with a pissed-off bag o’ hormones and a short-tempered Dada!

Here’s how I believe bed-sharing prepared us for this camping fiasco and other unpredictable sleeping experiences:

Bed-sharing is caring!

You can share bed-sharing! Bed-sharing can be done with Mama, Dada, or even a cuddly Aunt or a snuggly Grandma! In this weekend’s case, it was with nature and the rushing Chiwawa River near Leavenworth.

Bed-sharing requires no special equipment.

Humnoy has been road tripping as long as he’s been days old. We don’t have a pack n’ play nor do we need one. Anywhere we’ve been, camping included, has all the necessary sleeping arrangements needed: Mama’s boobies and a bed of some sort.

Bed-sharers have been through every possible sleeping issue known to parenthood.

A family, who bed shares has been through it all – late bedtimes, sleepless nights, Dad moving to the couch. Adjusting to a new environment can be difficult for both the children and the adults. In our case, Humnoy was overly excited that there was another kid on this camping trip with us and refused to go to sleep knowing his new friend was in the next room. Please refer to “banshee screaming” in first paragraph.

The banshee only lasted the first night we arrived to the cabin and we slept soundly in the attic the second night. Humnoy even busted out the “H is for Hell” position this night, complete with a Mama and a Dada on each side to make bed-sharing bliss complete.

This is how we camp

How has co-sleeping or bed-sharing saved your family?


4 thoughts on “How Bedsharing Prepares You for Any Sleeping Situation

  1. Bahaha, I love that picture. I came across that before I gave birth, and thought of it in the first few weeks after Potamus was born (and we realized we were much more inclined to bed-share than co-sleep, even though I have the arms reach right there next to me). It takes on a whole new meaning now, 8 months into bedsharing, and I’m sure the good times will only continue to roll!

    I’m a crabby person when I don’t get enough sleep. So bedsharing has been a must. Even the first few months where I had to drag myself to sit up and nurse were a pain and my mood wasn’t so rosey. While I’m still not thrilled that Potamus still wakes up every 2.5 hours all through the night, I would be institutionalized if I had to putter down to the kitchen, fix a bottle, go to his room, etc to take care of him. It’s also helpful since I am less of a night owl than Boof…I happily go to bed with Potamus in the early night hours and he creeps to bed later on. Makes me feel like I have a real excuse to follow my own natural body clock and get some shuteye earlier.

  2. Looks like ya’ll had some fun. I especially appreciate the “bag of hormones” comment. My husband HATES when Lo sleeps in the bed. He is 6’6 so he already can’t fit in the bed without sleeping in the fetal position. I love it though. I love waking up and listening to her breathe! hehehehe #crazyiknow…

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