You Know You’re Pregnant When… (The Bridesmaid Edition)

You know you’re a pregnant bridesmaid when:

… you think of cheapskate ways to hide that gaping hole where your dress won’t zip up when you first try it on with a belly.

… you do the Happy Dance and almost cry when it zips up in subsequent fittings.

… you make sure to be near a bathroom throughout your bridesmaid duties.

… the most exciting part of the evening is when dinner is served.

… you do another Happy Dance and, again, almost cry when you find out bridesmaids eat first.

… you already know you’re getting seconds, for sure.

… you’ve wanted to take off your heels since you first put them on.

… the second most exciting part of the day is unhooking the dress and being able to breathe correctly.

… you drive home with an unhooked dress and your titty pops out when you open the car door.

Happy wedded bliss to my favorite couple, Stefanie and Nick! I love you so much and it truly was the most beautiful wedding.

How’d you know? “You know you’re pregnant when…”?



11 thoughts on “You Know You’re Pregnant When… (The Bridesmaid Edition)

  1. shutup, cutest pregnant bridesmaid ever!

    I’m in a wedding this November with 2 pregnant (6 and 7.5 months) bridesmaids. Is it wrong that I’m hoping I look fab in my postpartum body in comparison to those normally-petite gals? 🙂

  2. Is it just the picture or is your hair really blue on top? Because if it’s really blue, it looks awesome. And if it’s not, well, blue hair would apparently look good on you! 😉

  3. I was 7 1/2 months pregnant when I got MARRIED!!! I had to get a special dress made for sure, at least when you’re pregnant, you don’t need to bother with looking good, because you’re already glowing!

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