Speed (Baby) Bump Ahead: A Sign of Things to Come

We recently moved to our own apartment from our temporary living situation with a family member when we first arrived in May. We now have a place to know where Bebe #2 will be born! Is it normal to feel a little odd planning to set up a birth pool in an apartment?

Speaking of homebirth, I totally slept through my alarm to go to my prenatal appointment with my midwife and I feel totally and completely like a shit person. I was so embarrassed that I avoided their follow-up call. Missing an appointment is not like me, being late is but completely not showing up? No way! I had a vision that they kicked me out of their practice for being flaky. It then led to my superstitious bone telling me that I’m going to flake my homebirth too. Definitely hope that this wasn’t a sign.

Humnoy has still been his typical self: runnin’ around being cute, dry-nursing to nap/sometimes bedtime, and still haven’t a clue about what’s coming in February. A baby brother or sister, that’s what. He understands “baby in mama’s belly” – the words, not the concept. He was away from his mama and daddy for the longest time ever this past Saturday when I was a part of a wedding. I didn’t couldn’t pump any milk (see: ‘dry-nursing’) and wasn’t there for bedtime. This is a huge stepping stone in 17 months of parenthood solely because he did so freakin’ well, I’m a little butt-hurt.

You better believe I would have dropped whatever I was doing to get him if need be! Well, that’s only half-true because he was in great hands and I was having a lot of fun being a bridesmaid. We both did well and he got to fall asleep with his daddy and see Mama’s smiling face in the morning. Let’s hope this is a sign of him upping his big brother game to another level, eh?

Honorable mentions:
– Humnoy signs for “Blues Clues” (flashing both hands) and can request “Curious George” by imitating a monkey.
– New words are ‘gaga’ for his Binky and ‘kees’ for keys.
– Current favorite plaything are keys.
– Loves trying to pick locks, drive the playground wheel, and knows where the ignition goes with said keys.


What is a nice gesture for my midwives office to make up for my lapse in punctuality? A box of donuts?


8 thoughts on “Speed (Baby) Bump Ahead: A Sign of Things to Come

  1. me thinks it’s normal as i had no preggo symptoms except hellish back pain and extreme exhaustion, therefore i became familiar with the emotional roller coaster of sleeping through and missing many, many appointments. some of which, were of course, prenatal.

  2. When I took him to the park he was driving the playground wheel for a solid 5 minutes. It was awesome that I got a break from running around and sliding down the slide!

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