Murphy’s Law of Cloth Diapers and The Update

It’s just a universal rule by the motherhood gods that the first clean cloth diaper from my stripping brigade gets the first poo of the day. If you’ve been a cloth diapering veteran already then you’ve had the one massive poo in the last clean one as you’re washing the others, amiright? Welp, it wouldn’t be a normal day in motherhood without Murphy’s Law – anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Wouldn’t ya know it that we also had steamed corn for dinner just 20 hours prior? Ask me how I know. If you won’t then just know that I am foreveva-eva grateful for a diaper sprayer.

Aside from the (solids) matter, I am updating you that the stripping has worked (on the two diapers he’s worn so far)! That water bill will totally be redeemed (maybe!). The countless upon countless washes and pathetically following the drying rack to sacred spots of direct sunlight on our third-floor apartment has paid off (hopefully!) I even made sure. See, I know motherhood isn’t glamorous and I’ve seen just about every type of nasty bodily function so I put my nose directly up to the wet cloth and absolutely no ammonia, barnyard, or fishy stink whatsoever. Hallelujah!

Normal day diaper – check. How about the dreaded overnight diaper for a sleep-through-the-nighter?

Stay tuned…

When has Murphy’s Law been unkindly applied to your life? Will you drink a glass bottle of celebratory wine for me if this actually worked?

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14 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law of Cloth Diapers and The Update

    • This is the second time I’ve stripped. The first time was because we had coin-op laundry and I was so tired and lazy of popping quarters in. In other words, I let the diapers sit way too long than it should have therefore stinkies were imminent.

      We have since moved and have our own washer and dryer! I’m just stripping from the residual last-minute attempt from the usage when we ran out of disposables.

      I think if you have a great wash routine, you will rarely need to strip as often as others! Hope that’s the case for you!

    • Thanks, it’s a nifty WordPress template. >_<

      Humnoy started cloth when he was still an infant then I was so overwhelmed and couldn't keep up with laundry in our old apartment. Now that we have a washer and dryer in our new apartment, I think it'll be easier! Plus, the saying goes that potty training with cloth diapers is easier (faster?) so anything to save money from disposables and help with Humnoy's non-interest of the potty chair is game for me!

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  3. I haven’t had to strip, yet, as I just started but I made sure to order some rlr for future use. I buy a lot of used dipes so I want to make sure they are good to go! Great post! I’ve gone the disposable liner route for now, but I may purchase a sprayer in the future, what brand is yours?

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