The Overnight Cloth Diaper: An Update On The Update Of Getting Back Into Cloth Diapers

Yesterday’s stint in the ‘new’ diapers went without a stink albeit Humnoy’s realization that he still has to wear diapers even though we finished our last disposable the same day . Sorry, kid, if you’re not going to shit or piss in a toilet, you’re going to have to shit or piss in some sort of butt-attachment.

Our daytime and nighttime choice of cloth diapering is natural fibers. Be it prefolds or even sometimes fitteds, I gravitate towards those even though they’re a bit extra work versus all-in-ones (AIOs). I’m so absolutely paranoid about unnatural fibers (i.e., microfiber) that I will not use that unless all my cotton prefolds ran out or if GH is doing a change, which is rare now that we’re back to cloth.

Humnoy’s first night back in cloth was showcased by a Rumparooz stuffed with two- and -a-half flannel flats (just old cut-up flannel blankets). He’s sleeps through the night so this has and should last all night. Last night, my nose was extra-paranoid so I, naturally, put my nose right up to his diaper and took it all in. He must’ve just went or something but it wasn’t disgusting ammonia-smelling. The true test is the morning after.

The verdict is……..

No stinkies today or yesterday! The stripping rampage worked!

What’s your favorite diaper routine for overnight?

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12 thoughts on “The Overnight Cloth Diaper: An Update On The Update Of Getting Back Into Cloth Diapers

  1. Baby A is usually good at night with whatever we use, but we must change him ASAP or put him on the toilet when he wakes up because he likes to take a nice morning dump. 🙂 yay for cloth diapers return. Glad your stripping was effective. (I wanted to make a dirty joke, but my mind is tired).

  2. We JUST started to use Gdiapers in an effort to save money! I like them when I go through the day to realize I havent spent a single cent on disposables! Of course I give myself one day a week to use disposables as a break. My diaper collection is small right now, I need to choke up another 50$ to make my adventure more successful. I’ll tell ya what though – people look at you like you’re fucking crazy when you say you use cloth diapers. Like you’re “one of those people”…a hipster? a poor chick? going very green? Who knows. I’ll probably do a post on the g diapers in another week of use if you wanna come see me i’m at 🙂

    • Thanks, Bell! I’ll come and check how the gDiapers went. I’ve hear many people like them because of the disposable inserts, which tickles my fancy.

      If I were to encourage a cloth diaper supply list, it’d be a diaper sprayer. Hands down, the best accessory! Good luck!

      • They are really cute!! Also with G diapers- I wouldn’t recommend buying the disposable inserts – it’s the same amount of $ and much easier to go with regular disposable diapers when you need to! I felt silly after comparing prices of disposable inserts for them to regular diapers! Because I’d already bought them before checking the $ lol

  3. I don’t think you will like gDiapers if you don’t want any synthetic materials on your child. They require a little plastic sling that snaps into the cloth cover and holds either the cloth or flushable insert. I love how they look and that they were a less bulky fit than my other cloth diapers, but they irritated my son’s stomach and usually leaked when he went #2. I saved them and plan to give them a try again with our next baby who will be joining us in March. It is probably just a personal fit issue as so many people are very happy with them. Maybe they will work without a problem next time around. If not, I have a lot of prefolds and fitted diapers that I sewed. I’m playing with the idea of exploring EC as well, but we’ll see.

    I need to read up on how to strip diapers. I never found I needed to do it the first time around as smell never became an issue, but I want to before subjecting them to round two when I get them out of storage.

    • That’s good to know about gDiapers, Karen! For now, I am fine with my current stash for Humnoy but am definitely preparing myself with as much EC knowledge for Bébé #2 so I don’t *have* to rely on a newborn/little stash.

      Congratulations on your pending arrival! 🙂

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