Surprise! My Instincts And Ultrasound Confirmed It’s A …

Yesterday was the day, apparently: Humnoy’s one-and-a-half-year monthiversary and my ultrasound day! I surprised myself many times yesterday because you know how I don’t want to know the sex and then this other part of me was suddenly being lax if it happened to slip. I had this vision once I got off the phone with the hospital after scheduling the ultrasound I almost didn’t get. This vision predicted that my goofball of an ultrasound tech spilled the sex beans. I have been ΓΌber paranoid since.

First, I feel like a total sell-out for even scheduling one against my amazing qualms about ultrasounds for low-risk pregnancy. Second, I had to intensely fight the urge to just blurt out, “Just tell me! Let’s find out the sex of that baby NEOW!”

Something’s going to go wrong – I’m a mom, dammit; there’s always a surprise. After all, Murphy’s Law has left me plenty of (diaper) surprises this week. What do ya know? The hospital’s registration paperwork has me down for what’s called “Fetal Anatomy Survey.” Ruh-roh. Anatomy? Flashbacks of my vision made me nervous that they would go on their routine check and go in for the crotch shot because so many choose to find out. Actually, only two out of every 10 OB patients choose to not find out, according to this ultrasound tech. Well, here’s one-half of ’em, adamantly demanding that there will be no crotch shots of any kind.

Ultrasound tech: “I can’t help it if it shows on the screen so I will just not tell you.”

Me: “Uhhh– yoh-kay, thanks.” *remembering what a fetus penis looked like*

Ultrasound tech: “Why are you not finding out? It’s so rare.”

Me: *long, philosophical rant about life and its lack of surprises* “Oh, because I like surprises.”

Ultrasound tech: “Good for you.”

Disclaimer: In reality, I hate surprises but I figured that’s the best end-all answer I could provide in place of wanting the ultimate surprise – finding out if you have a new daughter or son when they’re born.

In the end, all “Fetal Anatomy Check” meant was actually checking the anatomy of the baby, not for finding out the sex like I had snobbishly presumed. Anatomy of fetus was checked and guess what? My mama instincts were right: I have a growing, moving, and perfect baby. Surprised?

Say “Hi” to Bebe #2 (and The Claw)!

Do ultrasounds make you nervous or just confirm your maternal instincts?

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24 thoughts on “Surprise! My Instincts And Ultrasound Confirmed It’s A …

    • Yay, Darcel, it’s nice to hear other families with surprise at births! I’m really looking forward to it and can’t begin to describe the excitement still. It knowing. I, of course, have my guesses but I’m not going to myself up because either way, that baby will be such a joy.

  1. I was here, I read… Lol ! You’re killing me! I’m going to venture a guess so I have something to hang on to… It’s a…. Girl… I really think its a boy though but everyone I know w two under two had opposite gender kids, like me! But for real, so glad you’re instincts we’re right and you’ve got a perfect baby in there πŸ™

  2. The only reason we didn’t find out the gender was because we weren’t getting an ultrasound at all, we might have if we had needed one, but we loved our experience so much! My midwife didn’t look and I was so exhausted that I thought I would die if I tried doing anything that wasn’t absolutely needed. I delivered the placenta and fed her and finally got around to it, meanwhile my husband and mom were just beside themselves anxious, but no one is going to try to boss around a woman who just had a baby! Once I checked, we hadn’t agreed on the girl name so we had a coin set aside (now it’s my keychain), that we flipped. It’s ridiculous, but we love the story and next time we’d do the same because I thought it was really cool that I was the first person to know and to make the announcement. Plus, it was fun to call her Lieutenant for 10 months so our next kid will be Sgt. or Commander or something.

  3. We didn’t find out with Ethan. My mama instinct told me it was a boy from 8 weeks on and I was right. We decided not to find out because I wanted a surprise. I thought it would be a good motivator for labor. DH convinced me to have the tech put a print out of the pertinent bits into a sealed envelope. He put the envelope on our mantle (to tempt me) in case I changed my mind about finding out. I came close a few times, but we didn’t open the envelope until Ethan was born. Somehow he remembered to bring it to the hospital. We called the baby Sprout while it was in utero. It was fun πŸ™‚

    • That’s awesome! I would go mad having it right in our home like that. My instincts don’t really tell me much about the sex. I do notice the difference in pregnancy symptoms but that could just also mean a multitude of other factors. We shall see. πŸ˜€

  4. What a sweet profile! Congratulations on your beautiful little baby! πŸ™‚
    I had my ultrasound yesterday! We’re having another boy! I cannot say I am surprised as there are currently only 3 Martin girls in existence right now. They are a rare occurrence! I can’t tell if that is the Martin blessing or curse… πŸ™‚

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