Rad Like Dad

He saw it, wanted it, and bought it for his first son. A little t-shirt advertising half his genes genetic contribution and where (some a little) of his kid’s rad-ness comes from. Gym Hottie wants the world to know Humnoy is ‘Rad Like Dad.’

They are ‘best fwends,’ according to his father. They like to tinker on bikes together, play ‘Git,’ and stroll around the house shirtless (and bottomless, if possible) all the while feeding off each other’s rad-ness. Despite this dominant Lao gene I possess, they are suspiciously looking alike as well, don’t cha think?

I am lacking in blog content creativity, which explains this post. That and they’re pretty adorable together.








What different things do your kid(s) do with your partner?

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10 thoughts on “Rad Like Dad

  1. Boof is addicted to Coke Zero and Potamus doesn’t take a bottle/cup/sippycup or any other form of milk that’s not straight from the tap. BUT Boof cleaned out a Coke Zero can this week to try, and sure enough, Potamus took a few gulps of milk from the can. I thought it was sweet and creative and very…manly?

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