Pipe Cleaner and Colander Activity for Toddlers

During my stint as a solo parent, I made the executive decision to buy out everything that caught my fancy as I rolled down the aisles of the Dollar Tree. With my Pinterest boards in mind, I tried to grab things that would make for easy activities. You know, anything that is bright, colorful, and that Humnoy will not choke on. For a whole dollar, you get a bajillion 45 of these chenille stems in a pack at the Dollar Tree. You should already have the only other required material in your kitchen cabinet in this easy toddler activity.

All you need is:

– pipe cleaners
– colander

All you do is:

  1. Put materials in front of kid.
  2. Model how a pipe cleaner fits into a colander hole.
  3. Sit back and watch them do it.

Additional ideas for pipe cleaners:
Play dress-up: Shape pipe cleaners into bracelets, necklaces, headbands, or eyeglasses.
Make it on-the-go: Re-use a seasoning/shaker container and trim the pipe cleaners to length and it’s a great activity for car rides or trips.

What other toddler-friendly activities can you do with pipe cleaners?

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10 thoughts on “Pipe Cleaner and Colander Activity for Toddlers

  1. This is the best freaking idea EVER! Cannot wait to try it someday! More toddler activity posts please! We have a long, cold winter ahead of us stuck indoors and I’m stockpiling activities. Okay. By stockpiling, I mean this is the first one. But the goal is a stockpile 🙂

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