A Journey From Heavy Partying To Wedding Anniversary

Gym Hottie and I never planned on the life we now live. I doubt he would ever agree to share his bed with another dude next to his wife nor would he ever touch a cloth diaper. Life changed when we knew we made a baby out of love or perhaps a night of regularly scheduled partying. Either reason, we’re here, we’re married, we’re parents, and we love it.

Here is how it all began:

Halloween 2008   Met at the gym in college, hence his moniker Gym Hottie. “Are you done using that?” were the first words he chose to utter to me.

2008-2009   Pre-funking at 7 pm and dirty dancing in bars.

Super Bowl 2009   Officially change our Facebook relationship status.

2009-2010   Mutually agree that marriage and kids are not in our future; continue partying.

June 2010  Gym Hottie moves in; Humnoy is conceived.

August 2010   Begin planning a shotgun wedding.

September 25th, 2010   Get hitched; four months pregnant!

Photo courtesy: Josh Tofsrud and Shane Olson

March 13, 2011   Day we became a family – Humnoy’s birth.

2011-2012  Bedsharing, Gymnurstics, Breastfeeding, Cloth Diapering, More Breastfeeding.

September 25th, 2012   Married two years with a funny and sweet toddler and expecting another one. Holy shit!

We went from Drunkard Weekend Warriors to Natural Parenting Enthusiasts defying all those societal ideas that scared us away from marriage and having children – all on our own terms. Both sure are difficult and sobering at times, but it is the most humbling and rewarding. I have someone, who has always complemented my choices and decisions – then and now. It wasn’t Last Call when we ‘gave in’ to marriage and kids because our party has just begun. \m/

How was your relationship with your significant other different before marriage and kids? After?

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22 thoughts on “A Journey From Heavy Partying To Wedding Anniversary

  1. I am not sure how different it was? We where together 5 year before Miss K came along. I never done the partying thing but he did, I was more of a stay at home watch tv kind girl but that has definitely changed. Can’t stay in doors with a toddler, it will drive you mad! Must say we now dont spend enough time together alone and when we are alone we discussing the toddler and what she needs 😉 Would not change it for the world!!

  2. This is a wonderful post! Happy anniversary and I love the story. Finally, something different from our own because HH and I knew what was in store for us and so far, aside from being millionaires, are following the plan. Of course, the aside from being millionaires part is HUGE, but we play the lottery occasionally, (once or twice/year), and with the odds, I’m sure we’ll hit at some point, or our menial jobs will just take a turn for the better. Either way, it’s great that you’re having so much fun with all the twists in life!

  3. It’s strange, but our life hasn’t changed all that much since Potamus came along…we were already bedsharing with our fluffy non-human “son,” but my biggest fear was that it would change so much and that we woulnd’t have individual time, or time together, or enjoy each other. That hasn’t been the case at all!

    Though, I would like to say, on our first date I told Mr. Boof that “I don’t see this going anywhere serious, but I think we could have fun.” Boy was I wrong!

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