An Unexpected Twist In The Most Boring Pregnancy Ever

As Gym Hottie had said, “No news is good news, I guess.” As a repeat low-risk pregnancy, I just had nothing to give him when he asked how my 22-week prenatal visit went. I went in with one question in mind and knew that my appointment would be over in less the time it took me to drive there. The midwife and I went over the regular appointment conversation starter and I always say it and, of course, said it again, “Oh, ya know, just being the most boring pregnancy ever.”

We let the boring continue and did my vitals. You guessed it: a normal blood pressure, normal weight gain, my ultrasound results measured normally, and a perfect fetal heartbeat from inside my uterus. Boooring Normal. The midwife then noted that we would now be starting my fundal height measurements from now on. Fundal height refers to “a measure of the size of the uterus used to assess fetal growth and development during pregnancy. It is measured from the top of the mother’s uterus to the top of the mother’s pubic bone in centimeters.” She busts out the tape measure and expecting nothing of what surely should be exactly measuring 22 weeks pregnant, I actually was not a bit moved when she said I was actually measuring 25 weeks. Yeah, I easily could be like, “What?! Holy shit! My due date is wrong!” Instead I was like, “Really? That must be why I felt like I showed early,” in my most not-surprised boring voice.

The midwife assured me that my early suspicions from an early baby bump were solely due to subsequent pregnancies. Not believing my hesitant acceptance of that answer, she goes on to say that my uterus is up higher at the moment, my ultrasound measurements measured 22 weeks, and everything else points to 22 weeks. I half-believed that response because I did feel tons of pressure when she was feeling the baby, who actually was right up near my rib cage. With that bit of news, I left just as I would if it was like any other boring prenatal appointment. While I think I need to have excitement in gestating this baby I cannot see, I also know and am grateful that it’s a normal, boring pregnancy. Actually, I think I have plenty of excitement chasing a breastfeeding toddler. I was not worried, scared, or panicked whatsoever with the news I was measuring three weeks ahead. My logic is, “What’s the point of freaking out?” I’m still the most boring pregnancy ever.

Boring pregnancy; eventful toddlerhood.

How boring or exciting was your pregnancy?

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28 thoughts on “An Unexpected Twist In The Most Boring Pregnancy Ever

  1. My pregnancy was super boring. In fact, I was 8 months along and one of my coworkers had just figured it out (I thought she was delusional, as I had gained a lot of weight and felt like a cow). I was still doing crisis counseling at 8.5 months along…going into hospitals, people’s homes, etc and just generally doing everything the same. With the exception of having to pee every 4.5 seconds, not sleeping that great, and of course the bump, I barely even knew I was pregnant. There were moments where my measurements didn’t change between appointments and then the next one it would jump back to where it was supposed to be, so I wouldn’t be worried about measuring ahead, either.

    • It is nice to have an uneventful pregnancy versus an eventful one, per se. That’s exactly how I feel most days too – I forget that I’m pregnant! Between chasing a toddler around and making sure I eat, I honestly realize my baby bump.

  2. Nice! Maddox and tori always measured 2 weeks big and still came on their due dates 🙂 that’s good though, glad everything is ok !

  3. First pregnancy, normal. Except for a mild case of HG.
    Second pregnancy, I didn’t find out gender, and we had a planned homebirth. Normal pregnancy, but I felt babe was breech twice toward the end. I didn’t do US. Anyway, baby was born on due date, breech! Mama’s instinct was right on.
    Third pregnancy, normal. Normal birth. This was the one I nursed through my pregnancy too.

  4. My pregnancies were healthy & uneventful… except for the fact ANY pregnancy is a major awesome event, WE ARE GROWING HUMAN BEINGS, ALL GODDESS-LIKE AND SHIT! I miss being pregnant.

    I’m glad things are going well for you. Love the pictures, as always. Beautiful!

  5. My first was boring but did get slightly more eventful since I had placenta previa (which corrected itself) and then became boring again. My second was boring from start to finish but i did measure slightly bigger even though I was smaller (size wise) the second time around. Strange how that worked out. I was glad to be boring and uneventful, lets me know everything thing is going well. Only symptom of pregnancy was the belly bump and the kicking. 🙂

  6. Pretty boring here. Most people don’t even realize I’m 8 months along (they are too busy lavishing attention on my almost 1 year old). I feel huge but everyone keeps telling me I look small. Who knows?! But keeping up with a very demanding little girl makes paying attention to this pregnancy much harder.

  7. My two pregnancies were a breeze… oh except for one breech baby at 36 weeks, and the threat of not being able to have a homebirth!!! But, baby flipped and then, back to boring! We are so lucky to have a boring pregnancy! Don’t take it for granted! A good friend of mine with 7 month old twins is STILL suffering from an insane pregnancy, hernia, tummy issues, on top of taking care of three under three… let’s be grateful it’s all boring 🙂

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  9. Nursing a toddler and chasing her kept my 2nd pregnancy weight off (for the most part) and that was as exciting as I got. I’ve contemplated skipping a check up at some point because I’m so boring but it’s also nice to hear that I’m doing well. Cheers for good pregnancies!

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  12. Wow! I would be ecstatic if I found out I was measuring ahead of where I currently am predicted to be! That would mean to me that I might get to possibly see my little one sooner! Sadly though, I’m not gaining enough weight in my pregnancy, and I barely have a bump at 22 weeks! There’s no way Id have a chance at measuring later. 😦 I’m the opposite. Working on it though! It has me worried!

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