What The Future Of Cyclocross Bike Racing Looks Like

Can you imagine our little Humnoy pedaling in a bicycle race this time next year? According to his Dada, this year could very well be Humnoy’s last year of just shaking cowbell and wrenching on the sidelines. Bike Father Logic is: Once he knows how to ride a bicycle, he can be entered into his first cyclocross race. We estimate another year for our child, who discovered Superman dives off knee-high surfaces. I’ve gone as far and made my own definition for cyclocross because of its newness and lack of mainstream culture. I describe it as a party where people race their bikes through an obstacle course. There’s literally no height, age, nor even an entrance fee requirement for little kids to race in what’s been quoted as “a bike race that takes place with non-suitable equipment on un-rideable terrain.”

Welp. From that fairly accurate description, looks like this is right up Humnoy’s alley. We enjoyed this year’s Starcrossed in perfect sunny weather. Did I mention we live in Seattle and it’s October? Leave it to mom brain preggo brain Gym Hottie to forget shorts for our perma-sweaty kid so what logic do we use?

He’s a baby! He can rock the just-a-diaper look.

Rock it, he did.


We got a streaker!


No pants dance


Cowbell and cyclocross go together like PB&J


Don’t let the Kermit tee fool you.


World’s Smallest Bicycle Mechanic


Babes and bikes!

What future career aspirations can you make of your child(ren)’s current talents or interests?

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8 thoughts on “What The Future Of Cyclocross Bike Racing Looks Like

  1. He needs a balance bike! He will be riding a real bike in no time with some practice one of those! My son was a natural and rode a bike (no training wheels) first try at 3, my daughter rode a balnce bike for about a week and was riding without training wheels on the first try (age 3 1/2)! I’m a fan, can ya tell?!? 🙂

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