What Four Years Did To My Body

Four years can be eventful. That is as long as a college degree, a Presidential Election, have a leap year, etc. For me, four years means an unused college degree, 20 pounds overweight, and enough done to my female body than I would have ever imagined. The degree will always be there, the weight is because I’m six months pregnant, and my body has forever-ever changed all because I met a boy while dating another boy while sneaking around with another one. Four Halloweens ago was the very day I met Gym Hottie in the gym, of course. Since I was in the gym, I enjoyed working out. Because I enjoyed working out, I looked like this:

Finding gym time between cloth diaper laundry, nursing a toddler, burning toddler energy outside, and resting at six months pregnant is obsolete. Not to mention, I necessarily don’t think gym time for postpartum bodies a priority either. While I may have dramatically decreased my chances of ever looking like that ever again, I also remember I’m growing, nurturing, and raising human beings here. Sure, my face, hair, and body may look like this today:

But I also remember my body made this:

I was able to fatten up this:

Then continue to do this:

All the while being able to pique interest in sex with this:

Four years has done a body good.

What has four years done to you?

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5 thoughts on “What Four Years Did To My Body

  1. Four years ago, I had a newborn-three-week-old baby! Crazy how time flies. While I never looked as fit as you did pre-baby, I was much skinnier and less lumpy. But, I do have two lovely babies that light up my world like nothing else now. Not a bad trade off.

    Still miss that flat tummy sometimes though 🙂

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