Breastfeeding Toddler Positions aka Gymnurstics: The Cliffhanger

The original Breastfeeding Toddler Positions meme has gone viral! It’s pretty cool that so many shared it, linked it, and commented on it. What’s even more cool is that there are so many other nursing mothers that are nursing strong into and well past infancy. Please continue sharing!

Even through pregnancy, breastfeeding is still the most major role in my relationship with my first-born. Here we are, with milk again and still nursing on demand. The other integral part of our bond is the ability to withstand toddler abuse and fight the urge to use my boobs as an ultimatum for the end-all in such abuse. Three months ago, Humnoy showcased a new gymnurstics move called The Leg Slam, where he winds up a leg in the air and lands on my face, neck, or which ever unfortunate body part was underneath his extremities at the moment. I’m apparently nursing the next WWE Star.

Today’s new breastfeeding toddler position comes from one of our my favorite comfortable nursing positions: side-lying. At the end of 19 months, we’ve reduced nursing to before nap and bedtime and is usually in bed. The rare occasion that we nurse on the couch is because I am tired and/or he is bored from Mama being so tired and asks to nurse. Our ‘couch’ is a modest Ikea futon that I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy to sleep on. Tempurpedic or not, Humnoy tested his gymnurstic agility by flailing his little limbs off the side the entire sesh.


Check out other breastfeeding toddler positions! Have your own? Share below!

What new nursing positions have you encountered?

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4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Toddler Positions aka Gymnurstics: The Cliffhanger

  1. so freaking funny!

    Potamus sits up and nurses sometimes, instead of lying down in my lap. And he holds my boobies with both hands and squeezes, like you might do to a capri sun πŸ˜›

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