Dealing With Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

You know that feeling like an anvil has been set on your pelvis all night? Well, dealing with symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) is like that when said anvil is weighted down with gold bricks and to then drag a leg attached with a freakishly strong Laotian half-breed around the kitchen. SPD is also when you dread the mere task of tucking-and-rolling to the foot of your bed and you have to ignore your toddler’s doe-eyed look to go on your daily walk. All because your vagina bone is screeching at you from inflamed misery. According to Dr. Wikipedia, SPD’s “main symptom is usually pain or discomfort in the pelvic region” and “caused by excessive movement of the pubic symphysis, either anterior or lateral, as well as associated pain, possibly because of a misalignment of the pelvis.” It ranges from mild to severe and disabling pain. On days I feel it, I definitely feel it.

SPD first world problemsSPD is my body’s rude way of telling me my goodies are all rearing up to go for birthing time the second go-round. To deal with symphysis pubis dysfunction, I’ve gotten loads of advice from other moms so I can go on my day with a spirited toddler. To my dismay and sad little pocketbook, most tips are not within reason nor budget. The advice renders I’ll have to be a shitty boring mama or I’m going to have to hook the streets to afford care. I have sucked it up or have asked for parenting forgiveness for letting Humnoy watch Netflix all day so I can rest all day because I cannot afford any of the out-of-pocket treatment like:

Chiropractor Adjustments done by a chiropractor supposedly helps with all sorts of childhood and general life’s ailments. I figured pregnancy is a legitimate concern to address possible treatment so Humnoy can have a capable mother. When I called to find out about pricing, all I heard was:

Lady: “Your first visit will be [the cost of two weeks’ grocery bill] and then each visit after that will ‘only’ be [the cost of filling up your gas tank].”

Me: *gulp* “Oh ok. Do you accept [small increments that happen to coincide with pay days]?”

Lady: “Unfortunately, we do not [prefer to get small lumps of petty cash but need all that cash real quick, up front, before you’re even seen].

Physical Therapist Need I even try? See: Chiropractor.

*Maternity support belt I haven’t ever wanted to sport the look of a professional mover but I also didn’t think I needed one. I breezed right through Humnoy’s pregnancy without more than one stretch mark, swollen feet, or a godforsaken maternity belt. I’m already less than three months away from giving birth and the purchase and acquiring of more junk doesn’t seem appealing. Who knows if it’ll even work. Plus, look at it. Just look.

Thankfully, I am getting the chance to review the It’s You Babe Mini Cradle so I can be grateful there’s no out of pocket here.

Drugs It is not recommended to take anti-inflammatory medicine during pregnancy. Even if drugs were recommended, I always hippie-question everything anyway. I would need to know the side effects on my unborn child, my current nursing child, and if my insurance would cover the costs. Dr. Wikipedia says codeine phosphate, paracetamol, or oral morphine are the usual staples, if prescribed for SPD. Hmm, morphine milk.


Now at almost 31 weeks pregnant with intermittent days of SPD, I think I’ve come up with a great solution. Yes, it involves a lot of Netflix time but I’ve got a happy toddler. Happy toddler means I don’t notice my inflamed vagina bone as much when sitting down doing nothing. It has always been important to me to find solutions that work best for our family and right now, out of pocket is out the window and taking it one day at a time.

30 weeks with spd

What were some of your pregnancy woes?

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21 thoughts on “Dealing With Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

  1. Humnoy is probably so thrilled with watching Netflix he’ll probably wish you were pregnant ALL the time ALWAYS! lol. Hey listen, not sure about your health insurance, but I was on pregnancy medicaid and they covered chiropractic visits with participating chiropractors (I had to go to Florida’s Healthy Start program website to find the ones that were participating). Chiropractic care in pregnancy saved me from a lot of pain and waking up at 3am crying out in painful agony.

  2. Watching movies all day is a kids dream! So don’t feel bad! Also, I’m wondering…is it your actual va-jay-jay that hurts or is it your pelvis bones that feel like they’re separating? My bones hurt really bad like they’re moving! not to mention the V feels like it has a bowling ball in it pressing down! UGH!

  3. I do not know anything about this condition, or really any other condition for that matter, but for the sake of pregnancy-safe stuff, maybe acupuncture would do something? On the same cord of not knowing anything about any conditions, I don’t know anything about acupuncture and have never gotten it done, but I think it’s something I’d consider reading into to avoid medicine if I were in a situation like that. Darn! I really sold that one, huh!?! I know that insurance covers my chiropractics, but outside of that option, I know that near us, there is a holistic family practitioner that works with people so maybe if you dig, there’s someone in your area?

      • Let me know how it works. It’s something I’m curious about any right now, have no particular ailments that can’t be cured with breast milk and love πŸ™‚ but it seems like something that should be kept in my pocket in case something comes up!

      • I don’t know the ins and outs of doing it for different reasons, but I was asked not to do acupuncture for induction reasons by my midwife…not that I had been considering, but I guess some of her other clients did it to hurry things along and while all ended up fine, her anecdotal experience is that it made for a more difficult labor. Why on Earth do I have anything at all to say about this random treatment that I clearly have no real experience with! I’m making myself want to learn about it Haha!

      • Hm, I could see how acupuncture is considered for those wanting natural induction methods. Then again, nipple stimulation is also a labor inducer and I’m all over that and have been told not to worry. Either way, the sliding scale acupuncture clinic is the cheapest if the options right now.

  4. Depending on your isurance you should be able to get chiropractic care (you may need a referral) and if you ask real nice your midwife should be able to “write a prescripton for massasge therapy”. Most insurance co. cover 10 visits. So i planned mine for the last 10 weeks of pregnancy and did chiropractic through out. Chiropractor when pregnant is amazing by the way!! Or maybe go to a massage therapy school and have a massage there? I think you can pay a flat fee πŸ™‚

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  6. Hello. Love your blog. I had the same problem last year with Baby#2. Felt like vagina was gonna fall to the floor at any moment. Pain was excruciating! Read up on the whole chiropractor thing and then simply asked husband if he would be so kind as to “put my pelvis back together”. He looked at me like I was crazy but went ahead and carried out my instructions. AND IT FRIGGIN WORKED! He gently, but firmly, squeezed the sides of my pelvis toward the center. I was so amazed that I starting referring to him as the Pelvis Whisperer! He works in publishing so it’s not as if he has any special training. Hope u find relief soon.

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