Smallest Life of the (Holiday) Party

You can be the smallest person and the life of the party.

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8 thoughts on “Smallest Life of the (Holiday) Party

  1. Good lord, how can you stand it?! He’s too stinking cute! I think I’d just hug him all day long. Hum, you want to play? Nope, sorry, crazy blog lady is going to smother you with hugs forever and ever.

    And now as I’m typing this, I’m eyeing all your IG preggo photos in the sidebar, and I’m picturing him holding the new baby. Dying. He’ll be the sweetest big brother. Also? Put my vote in now. I think it’s a girl.

  2. I think there is actually a rule that the smaller you are, the bigger deal you are? Especially at parties. Yeah. Pretty sure that’s a scientificely proven rule. I’m pretty sure I’m just going to be completely invisible once I have two kids to show off. No one can see anything else around the cuteness.

  3. So I just watched Humnoy dancing all cute… He’s really adorable…
    The video that popped up afterwards though is some fake blonde girl talking about what she got her YouTube friend for Christmas… Weird..

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