Not Your Average Pregnancy Update: A Christmas (Belly) Vacation

NYAPU: Not Your Average Pregnancy Update I’m not here to tell you the size of my unborn child because even I don’t care if I have a petrified bean or a stumpy turnip taking my uterus hostage. I don’t plan on sharing the number of stretch marks (zero so far) or what I’m craving (food– I crave food). This is going to be the pregnancy update you never wanted to know yet will appreciate the impending honesty. Plus, don’t you want to know how horribly fat I’ve gotten?

{Check out other updates here: pregnancy updates} I spent my 34th week of pregnancy celebrating Christmas in Gym Hottie’s hometown in North Carolina. Last year’s Christmas was spent in Montana but this year’s started out with a much anticipated Bojangles visit and was filled with lots of Southern comfort food and hospitality, of course.

34 weeks baby bump natural pregnancy

How far along? Today~ 34 weeks, 6 days. Tomorrow~ 35 weeks exactly. I know- I’m a math genius.

Measuring? … one week ahead. Still, thank goodness.

Weight? Surprised I didn’t gain nearly as much as I thought with celebrating Christmas in North Carolina. I gained three pounds in a week eating southern BBQ, Bojangles, sweet tea, and being pregnant.

Mood? Tired. With the time difference, I reveled in those lazy cat naps from Southern cookin’. We justified sleeping in by abiding to our Seattle time so waking up at 10 am means we’re actually getting our day started at 7 am!

Midwife said? My next visit will be a ‘home visit,’ which falls on my 36th week. The reason for a home visit is not only to get an idea of how to get to my place but to get an idea of our home, a spacious one-bedroom apartment in a gated community. They like to make sure we have running water and electricity, which makes sense. I wouldn’t want to attend a home birth without either… either.

Braxton Hicks? … with a wild toddler is really uncomfortable. Humnoy likes to roll around on me to get from point A to point B and when a BH hits, it makes it more difficult to breathe through it.

Breastfeeding? Humnoy was much more preoccupied with Christmas happenings than with nursing so he barely nursed, if at all. I honestly thought it was the start of weaning. Once we got home though, he asked to nurse plenty. This child.

Vagina? Oddly enough, sleeping on a more firm king-sized mattress at my in-laws helped with my SPD and I barely noticed any pain. Our pillow top queen may not be offering the support I need at this point in my pregnancy.

What did you do to prepare with less than 6 weeks to go?

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9 thoughts on “Not Your Average Pregnancy Update: A Christmas (Belly) Vacation

  1. Put a comforter on the floor if that’s what you need to do to get a good night’s rest! I slept in my hammock for a few months because it just felt comfortable…until it didn’t. You look GREAT!

  2. Ugh, BH with a toddler is definitely not fun. Malachi really seems to enjoy getting into things he’s not supposed to right when I’m getting one and seems to have figured out that when mommy sits down and is out of breath, he can get into something and it will take me longer to get to him to stop him.

  3. You look incredible! I’m about 5 weeks behind you, so BH hasn’t made an appearance yet, but I hadn’t yet considered how having a toddler while going through them this time around will complicate things! Kudos to you for being ale to continue nursing all the way through!

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