Why 2012 Was Better than the Birth of My Son

It was the best Sunday in the best March in the best year of my life. Humnoy’s birthday, that is. 2011 made me a mother and made me realize that I can sometimes do this whole thing a bit better than I led myself to ever believe. In that year, I got to spend the rest of 2011 learning about myself and this perfect little human that I was able to call mine. 2012 is better though because I completed a calendar year of motherhood, which doesn’t shit really nor mean more than my first born’s birth but it’s still noteworthy.


2012 was awesome because:

Humnoy has been sick once and I showed it who’s boss >;>;>; How I Treated the Baby’s Ear Infection Without Prescription Meds

Humnoy turned 1 >;>;>; Happy Survival Anniversary!

Breastfeeding a toddler is hee-larious >;>;>; Breastfeeding Toddler Positions aka Gymnurstics

No more pumping >;>;>; Top Tips for Getting the Most Milk From a Manual Pump

I got knocked up again >;>;>; Humnoy’s BIG News

People read my shit >;>;>; Happy Bloggiversary – 7 Surprising Things I’ve Learned As An Online Mom

I’m kinda badass at breastfeeding >;>;>; 5 Things I’d Tell Myself (and Any New Mom) About Breastfeeding

Essentially this post doesn’t mean anything is better than the birth of my baby but 2012 will be hard to top. I got a whole calendar year of straight-up motherhood. It was my first time as a Mom from year’s start to year’s end. Motherhood is built upon tracking milestones by the faintest of details, right? Maybe next year I will eat my words when I will be a mother to two. Happy New Year!

20130101-010414.jpg Last picture taken in 2012

What was your favorite thing about 2012?

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