Yeah, I Said It: I Hate Going Outside with My Kid

Mom guilt is when I realized I haven’t taken Humnoy outside in a few days. Guilty because we went from an awesome breakfast-outside-lunch-then-long ass nap- routine before the blur of the holidays crept up on us. Combine that mess of a schedule with gestating another child in the bitter Pacific Northwest chill and you’ve got a lazy ass mama. The weather was cold, yes, but I was so pissed that the freakin’ sun was out so I tricked myself to go outside. Going outside doesn’t just mean walking out the door for us here but it actually is a list of begrudging preparation. I hate being a shitty mom but what I hate even more is going outside because:

  1. I have to put real clothes on.
  2. I have to brush my teeth in the morning.
  3. I have to bundle a squirmy toddler.
  4. I chase squirmy toddler outside.
  5. I’m more exhausted than when it all started.

outside time in seattle

We didn’t make it far before Humnoy was doing the zombie slow walk cuing me that it was time to eat lunch and take that long ass nap. We made a few rounds around to the play structure and kicked some frozen wood chips then made it back home. We weren’t outside no more than 30 minutes but daily vitamin D dosage is complete.

What more do you want from me, motherhood?

35 weeks.

35 weeks.

How often does your little(s) go outside?

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17 thoughts on “Yeah, I Said It: I Hate Going Outside with My Kid

  1. Girl, I love how you keep it SO REAL! I actually love taking my little guy out…but that’s slowly changing now that he’s a squirmy toddler! Thanks for keeping your blog so honest. I really appreciate that.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. During the summer we were always outside, but with the cold Oregon weather and my constant fatigue, I have NO ENERGY to chase her around outside. But I don’t feel bad about it.

  3. So lazy here as well! It takes more time to bundle up and get outside than you actually spend outside. My kids can get themselves ready for the most part, but they can also complain now too about it being soooo cold and it being soooo boring!!Plus on my days off going out means putting on a bra and real clothes. NO THANK YOU!! And really, who wants to wear a bra if they don’t have to?? 🙂

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