Pregnant and in Pain? I wanna give you a free maternity belt

I sure have been dealing with symphysis pubis dysfunction the best (and frugally) I can – not much and still very much in pain. Although my best (and cheapest) intervention was a maternity support belt, I still wasn’t able to justify purchasing one until I was able to review a Mini Cradle and I finally had the better sleep of my second pregnancy! I wore it throughout the evening as I prepared and cleaned up after dinner for several hours. I know it was only one evening but it was an evening that led to a better morning without cracking noises and sharp-shooting pains.

It’s You, Babe Mini Cradle

About the Mini Cradle:

Mini Cradle
The Mini Cradle is a premium maternity belt to complement every pregnant mom’s maternity wear collection. Designed to be worn with maternity fashions, this pregnancy support belly band discretely fits under most maternity clothes. The Mini Cradle maternity support reduces pains during pregnancy and can be worn throughout all trimesters of pregnancy.
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About the Mini Cradle
3″ adjustable orthotic support
Supports Abdomen and Lower Back
Hook and eye closures reduce snagging of expensive lingerie
Promotes increased circulation from lower extremities
Also support unbilical hernia
Economic orthotic Support for patients who have pendulous abdomens and symptoms of:
Back pain
Abdominal straining
Painful hip separation
Painful pubic symphysis

I have a brand new Mini Cradle in a size medium for any reader who would like to try it out for free. A medium cradle is for women who’s pre-pregnancy pant size was 13-18 and current pregnancy weight is 181-225.

If you’d like to try it and meet the size requirements or know someone who does, please leave a comment about how it can help you in your pregnancy or for someone you know dealing with pregnancy pains! I’ll close comments at midnight on January 13th, 2013 and randomly pick a reader comment with a valid email address for a winner. I will ship as soon as the winner is confirmed.

*Disclosure: I was sent the wrong size to review and am not getting paid for my testimonial or to give it away. It was free to me to try and I have no use for a size Medium.


6 thoughts on “Pregnant and in Pain? I wanna give you a free maternity belt

  1. I worked 16 hour double shifts sat/sun till 36 weeks. I was a geriatric nurse at that time which meant tons of walking, pushing huge med cart & lots of bending. It SUCKED!!!! But my trusty support belt was a Godsend! Wore her around the house, store… Everywhere!
    Picked it up at only local maternity store in mall. I would recommend it to any one with vag & back pain. It literally held my belly weight for me. Did I mention how freaking HUGE I was?!?!? Anyways bitter weight issues to be avoided this morning…

    Too sweet of you to share your free spoils! Hope you & your pubis feel better 🙂

    If my belt would fit you will gladly wash & ship to you. My bestie is just returning it lol

  2. Last pregnancy I would have said no way, that looks silly, but this time around I totally understand getting something like that! I feel like my stomach is seriously just hanging there! Whereas last time it was a nice, tight little bump the whole pregnancy, this time it’s flabby and i can practically pick/hold it up. And my lower back is killing me. I’ll have to remember this for next time around!

  3. I don’t need one of these, but I can HIGHLY recommend pregnancy belts – for my 2nd (and last) pregnancy I tried one at 24 weeks when I was supposed to be bra shopping, and refused to take it off! It was awesome – especially for walking or exercise. They’re like a pair of hands cradling your tummy!

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  5. I know it’s an old post but I’m in pain at 27wks and 2days 😦 do u still have your belt for free? I will send back post baby if u want.. My doctor blows me off

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