Do I Need a Doula at My Home Birth?

I’m a huge advocate for a doula in a hospital birth and especially for a first-time mother. A doula as a part of the birth team can increase the chances of a natural birth in a hospital. A highly-medical setting can put your natural birth goals at a compromise when you’re surrounded by equipment, logic, and staff made specifically for medical events but a healthy labor and birth shouldn’t be one of them. The more support, the better but what if you aren’t going to deliver in the hospital or even a birth center? I have all sorts of questions whirring around my nesting little head as I’m preparing for my second labor and birth and first home birth. Do you still “need” a doula to help stave off interventions that won’t happen in the comfort of your home?

“No, I don’t need a doula at my home birth because…”

“We can’t afford one” Doulas are invaluable, yes, but what if a family is on a fixed budget and spending the rates of hiring a certified birth doula is not feasible?

“A midwife and student midwife will attend my home birth” I will have my midwife, a student midwife, my husband (and toddler), and hopefully my mom if she makes the 5-hour drive in time.

“I’ve done this before” While I give major props to doulas and the satisfied births that the mothers report, I gotta give it up to myself for doing all that work. I am confident in myself that I can trust my body again to do what I’ve done before.

“Yes, I do need a doula at my home birth because…”

“There are plenty of doulas-in-training” The best thing about the birth community is that everybody wants to be doulas. When they want to be doulas, they have to start somewhere and usually want to gain experience rather than income. I interviewed and hired a doula-in-training and as a first home birth experience for us both, it will a beneficial collaboration.

“My birth-clueless husband will be unavailable” The best person to tend to Humnoy is either myself or my husband. Since I’ll be plenty preoccupied and Humnoy’s attachment to me will only jeopardize my labor focus, Gym Hottie will not be a regular attendant in my birth. A doula will not only fill in this support but also provide loads of birth knowledge that my husband does not have.

“I’ve done this before” and I remember how I’m vulnerable and scared and at a loss during the most biggest womanly moment of my life. I cannot forget how invaluable a doula’s presence helped me achieve the safest and best birth. Labor and birth is intense stuff but no matter how strong-headed I think I am, I am still at the mercy of pain and fear even at home. Do I need a doula at a home birth?

Did you have a doula at your home birth? Why?

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3 thoughts on “Do I Need a Doula at My Home Birth?

  1. this questions are SO good! I love your insight. While not there yet, I’ve thrown around the idea of a doula for #2, just because a) I didn’t have one for Potamus and b) my L&D nurse was fabulous and WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE SOMEONE SO AMAZING?! Seriously, without my Julie girl I would have been laid up with an epidural at about 20 seconds into the first contraction.

    But you make so many good points about doing it before, knowing what to expect, etc.

    • I’m glad you’re considering one next time around. I truly think their service is invaluable but I also don’t think that really equates into how much they’re ‘worth.’ Doulas in training (both I’ve had at birth) are just as good, if not most beneficial, to all parties involved. Win-win!

      Good luck! 😉

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