Free (Doula & Placenta Pills) is for Me

Maybe calling my home birth doula “free” isn’t the most endearing or respectful of terms because an official title would be doula-in-training. After almost giving up on the search for a doula to attend my home birth, I thought it just wasn’t meant to be. The first doula we interviewed was great, had a ton of experience, and was willing to barter the home birth experience for her certified services. It turns out that she had been hired immediately after my interview and I don’t blame her for taking the paid job. My only other hope was a second interview with a free doula-in-training. If this didn’t pan out, I was going to be doula-less and that could be a problem for my home birth.

A doula-in-training means they are seeking certification and usually have reduced or free rates much lower than experienced, certified doulas. In many forms, doulas-in-training seek experience rather than income, if they can manage it with their professional and personal circumstances. For many, a “free doula” may not be for them. For me? Free is for me.

If saving me hundreds of dollars wasnt enough, there are other perks of hiring this doula. Biggest perk being she attended a placenta encapsulation class and my beloved placenta will be her first client. Again, FREE. All I have to do is buy capsules and hope a one-day class is enough to learn all about encapsulation.

Did you eat your placenta?

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36 thoughts on “Free (Doula & Placenta Pills) is for Me

  1. doula-in-training is an AWESOME idea!

    when I was in grad school for counseling, I read this amazing article about a study they did on social workers. It turned out that interns and 1-3 years out of grad school, social workers were more empathetic and actually BETTER at their counseling/social work role than 10 year veterans! I love the idea of having a student help!

    We didn’t do placenta encapsulation at my first birth, but I’m contemplating it for the second because I had postpartum depression. We’ll see, though, everyone in my life thinks its totally weird when I even broached the subject the first time.

    • I can definitely see the similarities between the enthusiasm in starting a human services career! We were just talking about this today at my prenatal appointment. My midwife admitted she is a huge fan of doulas-in-training/brand new doulas because they just are so excited vs. their been there, done that and usually more experienced counterparts. I could see the same for midwwives too, I suppose.

      It is ‘weird’ as it’s not really common, but totally makes sense. Why waste it? πŸ™‚ Plus, everything I’ve done is weird to everyone in ‘my life’ too so I’m just gonna do it anyway. Good luck!

  2. That is awesome you get those both for free! I am super jealous! I just contacted my placenta encapsulation guy and he is NOT cheap, but totally worth it to me if I can avoid PPD this time. Have you heard of doing a tincture with the placenta as well? It seems to have benefits for mama and baby to use. I think it’s pretty cool that our body is so capable of providing things for it’s own healing. πŸ™‚

    • I just looked up tincture and YES, I am now doing that! I will let my doula know! Thanks for the idea. That makes sense for the baby to get the benefits long after s/he is born. Actually, I’ll be glad for anything because I remember I was such at a loss at certain transitions and milestones, I felt horrible not knowing what to do.

      Again, thanks! I did a quick search and found this super easy an awesome placenta tincture recipe!

    • The biggest benefits is definitely for helping with postpartum depression. I have read where it’s said that 10% to as high as 20% of new mothers experience postpartum depression long after the ‘baby blues’ are even over, which are different apparently. The placenta contains your own hormones and was the life source for your health and your baby’s so it’s got all these goodies in there! Other benefits help with postpartum body recovery, increased milk production, and restoring energy.

      Check out!

  3. What do you do with encapusulated placenta????? Are you going to take it? Reserve stem cells, (which, by the way, makes some sense) but otherwise, I do not understand, but would love to understand…not being critical, just curious..

  4. My doula was also a Doula in training. She was beyond helpful and I don’t think I could have gotten thru River’s birth without her. She gave me books to read, worksheets to fill out to help me organize, even gave my husband homework! Then for the actual birth she was more helpful than the nurses (I was in a Lao hospital, mind you..) and kept my spirits up even when I was begging for pain meds. (Which thanks to her encouragement and visualizations I didn’t need..) Free is awesome. Also interested in the placenta encapsulation…… ehh?

    • I think my husband needs some homework! Aren’t doulas amazing? I think we forget how vulnerable for support we are in labor and birth. Yes, having the “I can do THIS!” mentality is important but you gotta have someone say, “YES, YOU CAN DO THIS!”

      I know in SE Asian cultures, the placenta is usually buried for cultural reasons. I’m unsure if ingesting it is common or not. Anyway, all it is that placenta is an awesome organ, right? It just continues being awesome after delivery because it is cured and treated and put into pill form and VOILA! bye-bye to postpartum depression. Also, it’s noted for speedier postpartum recovery, increased milk production, and a host of other benefits.

      Check out

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  7. yay awesome! I have done a few “births” as a doula-in-training, and my biggest advice would be to offer something, even if its just to cover gas expenses. Cause it is AWESOME being able to attend births for free, but certainly not easy or cheap for the doula either.

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    • I think it’s so great having the ‘circle of life’ so to speak of doulas. Doulas have to be trained somehow and start from scratch and they have so much passion for their birth work so it can be beneficial to (otherwise struggling) clients and themselves to work it out. It’s a beautiful thing πŸ™‚

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