Why I’m Glad My Toddler Isn’t Weaned

“Smack-smack” goes his little mouth. Rather than use the sign I had dutifully taught him or even the word we use to indicate “milk,” Humnoy lets me know he wants to nurse with an overt smack-smack. Tonight has been the second night that he’s nursed to sleep. Before this, he would fall asleep cuddling and I thought that it was the beginning of the end – no more ‘nohm-nohm’ (the Laotian term and what we say for milk), it seems. After all, he’s big and practically two.

Alas, I’m still nursing a two-year-old. Maybe Humnoy will fully wean before Bébé brother/sister comes but if I know my kid, he wants whatever you’re having. I haven’t had a solo PB&J sandwich in his waking hours since ’11. If Bébé is nursing, he will be sure to nurse too, which is why I am preparing myself to tandem nurse. Actually, I honestly hope I get to tandem nurse. You know how so much more easier it is to get a 2-year-old down to sleep with a breast in his mouth? My memory is still foggy but I also remember how easy it was to get a newborn to sleep with a breast in its mouth too.


I have a few weeks left to find out his true interest and timeline in breast feeding but I’m pretty grateful I can coerce sleepy time with a little bit of boob. So, call me crazy, selfish, or lazy but I hope both kiddos nurse just so they’ll fall asleep at the same time! Oh, the perks of sibling bonding and continued immunological benefits are nice too. Oh, yeah. All that.

What are you looking forward/favorite thing about weaning (or not weaning)?

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12 thoughts on “Why I’m Glad My Toddler Isn’t Weaned

  1. I’m really happy I nursed my daughter until after she turned two. My family was not supportive, I got dirty looks from one of my sisters while the other once commented that she thought toddlers didn’t really want to nurse so long and that it was the moms who didn’t want to give up nursing. It was hard, and I wonder how I will be treated with my next baby.

  2. Good for you, mama! I would love to hear about your tandem nursing adventures with Humnoy and Bebe. I always wonder if Ethan will want to start nursing again, if we have a baby soon.

  3. I’m so jealous you’ve been able to breastfeed for so long! I was breastfed until I was 2. I really wanted to breastfeed Rayne, but was only able to do it for a month due to her not being able to latch (nurse said the thingy under her tongue was a little shorter that usual). I was really bummed about it. If I ever have another I’d really like to try to make it work. Lucky you! And Humnoy, too!

  4. I want to nurse Eleanor until she’s done, whenever that may be. The hard part is that I’m almost 100% certain there’s something in my milk affecting her skin. Apparently whenever her dad feeds her formula her face clears up. Ok, not a dairy allergy, cool. I’m all about trying an elimination diet to rule out possible triggers but dad wants me to STOP breastfeeding. Um, what? I tried it his way for nearly 3 days and you know what? My baby was PISSED. Not only is she teething and getting sick BUT you’re telling me I now have to attempt a short-term weaning? NO. I know seeing her miserable from an eczema/food allergy rash is terrible. No one wants their baby to suffer in any way, duh. but asking, rather EXPECTING me to wean my teething, sick child is not going to happen. Im pulling rank on this one. In a week I’ll know her allergies for sure and until then I will do my best to eliminate all known common triggers. But I am NOT weaning my 5 month old.

  5. Well looks like you’re about as lazy as me! Still breastfeeding my 2.5yo, pregnant with number two as well. Currently downing a coffee after a rough night of fussiness. Freaking out a little at the thought of feeding two – and maintaining my sanity – but expecting the positives to outweigh the negatives!!

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  7. I continued nursing my firstborn through pregnancy, and she was very interested in “having what the baby’s having”, from the first day she met him! Now first is 3 1/2 and second is 1 1/2, and still tandem nursing. The first few months were the hardest, but I would not change it!

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