Home Birth Active Labor To-Do List

The first time I went into labor was different than my second go-round. I had my hospital bag packed since my due date and nine days later, I finally was be able to do the grab-n-go and the rest of hospital birth necessities are taken care of. What exactly goes into preparing for a labor and birth in a home birth? A day after my ‘due date,’ I’m really getting down to bidness. The home birth kit box arrived Saturday, my estimated due date passed yesterday without news, and today I’m coming up with a plan of what to do when the big day arrives per Bébé, of course. Most of it is common sense steps like calling my husband and letting our parents know, but it’s also a lot more preparation than grabbing your hospital bag and jumping in the car.

Below is my rough draft of a labor to-do list:

Home Birth Active Labor To-Do List

Call my mama *Update: She and my sister are coming! They live five hours away so they should get the first call.
Call Gym Hottie, if not home
Call doula
Call midwife
Call photographer
Set basket of birth supplies in plain sight for midwives
Start pot of pho
Lay out snacks
Put on a bit of make-up and arrange cute, but not-Beyonce hair I’m having a photographer, what?
Arrange sheets on bed As suggested by my midwife, arrange new sheets, vinyl shower curtain, and then another sheet on top to be tossed later. GENIUS!
Put on labor outfit I don’t know how active labor will put me in what mood so I give myself options: a) swimsuit, b) maternity nightgown, c) tank and lounge pants.
Turn up water heater Even though we’re not having a birth pool, I fully intend to make use of our actual bath tub.
Charge iPhone
Turn on webcam recording

Natural birth in hospital vs home birth

Am I missing anything, fellow birthing mamas?

What did your labor to-do list look like?

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21 thoughts on “Home Birth Active Labor To-Do List

  1. Even thought I had a hospital birth with Rayne, I wish I had planned more. I don’t think I even packed a bag. I think I was mostly in denial because I was scared (my contractions were 5 minutes apart and I kept begging to stay home for ‘just a little longer’). I wish I was more alert and had planned more for the event. Because all I remember is being drugged up, then coming to for my epidural and the very quick pushing. AND I didn’t bring any extra clothes so I sported the hospital gown the whole time (talk about fugly). You sound like you’ve got it all together! (And the makeup doesn’t sound stupid. I wish I had done something with myself. Even though I was told and felt like I was glowing, I’m sure I was lookin’ a bloated tired mess.) I’m sure it’ll all go fabulously and you’ll look great!

  2. I had a hospital birth for my son, but my husband and I have been TTC for nearly a year. And I am really interested in a home birth next go around. I have started researching midwives and am going to be watching your story that much closer.

    I think the sheets/shower curtain/more sheets thingy is definitely brilliant!

      • Lol! I’m sure it won’t! I’ve been following for a while with curiosity. You’re giving me the courage to pursue it. I want to start “shopping” for midwives…though that may seem a bit odd since we’re still TTC. I just like to be prepared 🙂

      • You can never be too prepared in pregnancy and birth though, right? I think you’re on the right track! Also, it’d be really to connect with your midwives well ahead just in case your TTC sticks and you have the hard part figured out.

  3. Boof still teases me about putting on mascara as we drove to the hospital. What?! It calms me, people! But sadly I chose non-waterproof mascara and it bled everwhere. Thankfully I had crazy energy post-delivery that when Boof wanted to hold Potamus an hour after birth (why yes, I did ask the nurse permission for my husband to hold him, since I had been holding him the whole time), I hopped in the shower and then freshened up with a little post-birth mascara. A mama wants to look refreshed in pictures (though not too made up, people wouldn’t have believed me).

    Your list sounds lovely. I can’t wait to hear (AND SEE THE PICTURES) of your impending bundle. Anyone taking bets on the sex?

  4. Did you have a long active labor with H? Also, if you have carpet on the way to the bathroom, maybe set down some of those chux pads so you dont get birthy drippy mess on the carpet. 😉 But your birth team will do all that stuff, I am sure!

  5. I wanted a home birth and unfortunately I was unable to get one. However, even still – I was SOOOO Not ready when it was time to go. I will plan better ( if there there is a) next time.

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