Is This What Weaning Looks Like?

Last night, I had rocks for boobs (aka the newborn hasn’t been awake to eat for a few hours) and tried to figure out how to relieve the stabbing pain. I knew my options were limited to:

A) Wake a sleeping baby.
B) Express some milk out.
C) Have toddler nurse because you should never wake a sleeping baby.


It turns out that Humnoy wanted nothing to do with my boobs, for once after all we’ve been through. I offered; he did me a solid by suckling once, unlatched, and then awkwardly stared at his once-beloved dirty pillow. At this point, Lanoy had just stirred and I grabbed her so quick, she barely had time to open her eyes. As she’s deflating my implants milk, I recall the last time Humnoy actually nursed. It was the day after she was born and he wanted a snuggle. He asked and I offered and he nursed.

After last night’s first refusal, I offer again after a bedtime meltdown. He’s frazzled and tired and agrees. His sister had just nursed and in a milk coma from what I’m guessing is my plethora of backed-up milk and as I’m dripping milk, Humnoy has a taste and goes: ‘Blech! Nyoooo!’ Complete with a wave of his little hand, he turns down milk. Both my ego and my heart broke a little.

With his special month day approaching on February 13th as his last month before the Big T-W-O, he very well could be done with breastfeeding. Top reasons are:

1) He doesn’t ask to nurse anymore.
2) He falls asleep just fine without nursing.
3) He literally goes ‘Nyoooo!’
4) He has successfully associated the boobs with his Bébé sister: “Bébé! (Bay-bay!)” – when he sees my boobs out.


My heart both aches and is relieved. I’ve come this far in my breastfeeding journey with Humnoy to then overlap into my second journey. Before, I thought this second journey would be tandem nursing but it is with Lanoy. He may humor us all and ask out of the blue, which I anticipate. He may be done with ‘nome-nome‘ at a few days shy of 23 months old, which I admit I do not fully accept. The beauty of child-led weaning is that it’s not up to me and that whoever the journey is with, I let them show me what weaning or how the beginning of that journey looks like.

Has he finally weaned? How did you know your nursling weaned?

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18 thoughts on “Is This What Weaning Looks Like?

  1. aww such sweet photos. This resonates with me…very similar to how Louis weaned. He continued to comfort nurse every now and then for the first month after Gabriel was born but then it just kind of stopped. He would think he’d want to and go to latch on & 2 secs later “I’m done. Milkies for baby.” And then one day? It just stopped. He said “No, big boy”. Sweet and gentle but I admit a lil bittersweet.

  2. Man your photos are just too adorable! Stop please – you’re making me broody! Sounds like your little man might be growing up but he could just be adjusting to his sister’s presence. Perhaps he’ll still want some occasionally. Bear is still a milk monster at 18 months but also says no lots too – usually when I’m begging her to unblock a plug! But I do agree that only they know when they’re ready so it’s fab if he is and you can focus on bebe instead now. Well done you!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this experience. I am breastfeeding and cosleeping with my 21-month-old, and I want to start working on #2, but I was jjust so unsure about the chaos that would ensue….until I read your blog…Thank you for keeping it all in perspective. I will let my baby guide the way.

  4. Your babies are beautiful! Lex weaned himself at 11 months. He did the same as Homney, just a pathetic no-latch latch and a weird look at my boobies and just walked away! I was so heartbroken. I was ready to nurse him for a long time and he just decided he was done. They know when they’re ready. And they don’t care if we’re ready or not!

  5. I am a working Mom and just stopped pumping 3 times a day at work after a year (went back when she was 12 weeks. I won’t miss pumping!) We’re working our way through the frozen supply I have now (mixed with whole milk) and when that’s gone she’ll be on fully whole milk during the day. She’s 15 months now and nursing just morning and night. She seems like she could go with or without in the morning, but always nurses if I offer. However, I’m glad to say that she seems like she’ll want her bedtime nursing for quite awhile. It will be interesting to see how long she goes, and I can see I’ll be a bit heartbroken when she doesn’t want to anymore! Probably good to realize it before it actually happens! 🙂

  6. Oh oh oh I’ve been wondering about this. It was through this post that I realized our children will be the same distance apart. I have been wondering how the weaning will go and very open to allowing Bean to lead the way. This was a fun post to read. Can’t wait to see if Homnoy decides to join La Noi back at the breast. 😉 As always banks for the insite!!

  7. I wish my 2 year old would think the same as Humnoy. She gets uber jealous that she cant have the boob. She whines all day fore the boob…. what to do?!?!? LOL

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