This Week’s Tandem Breastfeeding Photos

The last time you heard about tandem breastfeeding from me was from The Tandem Cyclist a la Humnoy. Over there, I captured the moments after Lanoy was finished feeding but there are also times (many, actually) where I actually have both kids nursing. It usually starts out me nursing her then Hum sees her getting all the good stuff and he asks to nurse as well. The next few minutes is me adjusting the baby’s legs and me turning slightly on my hips to accommodate both nurslings amid his impatient smacking of the lips. Once is all said and done, we all have a “peaceful” moment together (with lots of gentle reminders to not poke his little sister in her eye or remove her socks), just my nurslings and I enjoying a nice boobie break. tandem breastfeeding a mom's view


11 thoughts on “This Week’s Tandem Breastfeeding Photos

  1. How are you able to take a picture and continue to nurse them both? Oh my goodness, I can barely nurse both at the same time without dealing with my phone for a picture! That is pure talent, mama. And yes, why do big brothers feel the need to poke little siblings in the eyes constantly? I haven’t figure that one out yet.
    I nominated you as a ‘Beautiful Mama’ on my blog! If you want to nominate others, just use the image on my post and share three things you like about motherhood. Then you can nominate as many other mamas as you’d like!

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