Sometimes You Just Gotta Cry When You’re a Mother

Sometimes you feel helpless when you can’t tend to both of your babies at the same time. Sometimes your first child asks “Pleaaaaase?” so sweetly to nurse too. Sometimes you have to tell him to wait after his baby sister is done feeding. Sometimes that baby sister takes forever to eat. Sometimes motherhood makes you realize you can’t do everything on your own. Sometimes you just have to cry at the end of the day from a mixture of guilt, exhaustion, and disappointment.

Sometimes motherhood sucks and then you realize it doesn’t when you get a moment with the ones who made you a mother in the first place.


12 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Gotta Cry When You’re a Mother

  1. I just have the one kid, but your last paragraph is how I feel every day. it’s both an incredibly frustrating and incredible journey, and I can’t believe that I have so much influence on this one tiny person. it’s scares me sometimes.

  2. I love your blog. I cried the other day because some nights I just dont want to nurse my 12 month old. Its exhausting with me being 35 weeks and my crotch hurting when I have to turn laying down. I know its not going to get easier when bby #2 but at least I know I’m not alone(:

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