My Favorite Thing About Tandem Breastfeeding Isn’t About Breastfeeding

Tandem breastfeeding has so many great motherhood benefits. Yes, I adore the double-snuggles with my children. Of course I enjoy being able to nourish them both at once. I can’t complain about my postpartum body either, thanks to two milk-guzzlers. I even get weepy when little sibling hands touch each other across my cleavage. My favorite thing about tandem breastfeeding has nothing to do with lactating or being connected with my kids.

Not every tandem session is all sweet-nothings. Usually, I’m nursing one right after the other, with Lanoy being first dibs always and Humnoy not liking that. I have to plan it right or the toddler demands to only nurse and try to shove his sister off her side. Another nap fail include the famous 2-minute nap for the newborn, who only falls asleep side-lying and is over-dramatically startled by my ninja attempts to put her down. It’s just easier to just have both on even though I don’t really want to.

No one ever said breastfeeding two children would be easy but it does make one aspect of parenting easier. My favorite thing about tandem breastfeeding is when they fall asleep at the same time. Not every session produces two sleepy kids but when it does, I just thank the mammary gods for the one mommy victory for the day. I’ll take the sweaty forearm and aching back for a synchronized sleep session any day. Yes, I selfishly love the pragmatic side of tandem breastfeeding but it’s still hard to beat the sweet sleepy faces of my babies on me.

How do you handle nap time?

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11 thoughts on “My Favorite Thing About Tandem Breastfeeding Isn’t About Breastfeeding

  1. It’s so peaceful when they fall asleep while nursing, isn’t it? Makes me want to snuggle closer and maybe take a nap myself! Ha

  2. Yes! Those moments are the best. My first born (3y1m) I am usually able to unlatch and roll her off of me and then I side lie with the baby (17mo) until she unlatches. BEST moments ever.

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