A Journey From Heavy Partying to Deep Cleaning

Saturday night, 8:45 pm, Rihanna bumping in the background, hips ready to get down. It’s that time of the week.

My hips can’t help it though– they work into something so familiar, it’s inevitable. Safe to me, known to me, and it’s like my body knows what to do. Looking around to check my space and bodies, I bend down… and clutch my chest, with a sleeping baby in the Ergo carrier, and wring out the mop. This is how my Saturday nights are now. Remnants of my life just three years prior, when not pregnant or chasing a kid, peek in every so often. Gone are the dance club days with Rihanna and her Top 40 music friends alike. I just enjoy a bit of that club-thumping music with a little dance partner, who hijacks the mop and wants to drink the bucket water. Last night, my little family did a bit of overdue cleaning since I haven’t had any energy to deep-clean since the night before Lanoy was born.

toddler and his mop

This night, I reminded Gym Hottie of how this wouldn’t be us in a million years if someone asked us three years ago what we’d be doing. He grabs me (and the baby) and requests we dirty dance like we did three years ago, and I giggle at the silly request. Humnoy giggles at Dada humping behind me because he’s never seen us joke around like that before, least not in front of him. I giggle again because I can’t imagine life otherwise.

How did you spend Saturday nights before kids?

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11 thoughts on “A Journey From Heavy Partying to Deep Cleaning

  1. Thank you so much for visiting DelightfullySweet.com! I hope to see you again 🙂 Love what I see here so far! I’m so glad to meet another attachment, natural pottying, breast feeding Mama!

  2. My Saturday nights consist of trying to remember WHAT night it is lol. My Friday nights now consist of whose turn is it to change the diaper the home game as opposed to after work Fridays and coming home completely slain off of 4 dollar martinis

  3. My Saturday nights are pretty basic, cook diner play with the nugget and hope that she will go to sleep early so I can watch documentaries on Netflix lol… Before it was all about fancy dinner dates and drinking dirty Martinis… I have to admit I don’t miss that at all!

    • You went from martinis to documentaries! I love that transition. 🙂

      Dani, I admit too that I’d take this crazy newborn schedule over coming home at 3 am drunk off my ass. Well– it’s actually pretty similar situations! I’m groggy, smell, and just want to sleep with my clothes on from the night before!

    • Such is parenthood when an exciting night is doing absolutely nothing! I totally hear you. GH gets all giddy when we have nothing going on on his days off because he just wants to relax.

      Going out with kids is much more preparation that preparing to go out clubbing and believe me, I took a long time getting ready!

  4. It’s funny because like you a little more than a year ago I would never have thought I would have kids one day. Here I am with a 6 months old and am completely in love! I was partying hard until 1 year before I got pregnant… For some reason I didn’t drink so much anymore once I moved to New Orleans (I know right!!!! I say that and am about to open my 3rd Abita Strawberry :P)) Now well… We watch TV, sit on the porch, drink some wine/beer, play with the baby 🙂 Still having a great time!

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