No Such Thing As Weekends for Moms

I barely have any time to brush my teeth in the morning, let alone keep up with what day of the week it is. Between spraying out cloth diapers and making sure Humnoy eats lunch, each day is just another day with the same humdrum stuff when you’re a mom to two little kids. For us, our ‘Friday’ is actually on a Saturday and then our Gym Hottie’s weekend off is Sunday and Monday. For stay-at-home and working moms alike, it makes no difference if it’s a weekend or a weekday, it’s just ‘a day.’ In our home, here’s why I don’t actually have a weekend:

My kids don’t own a calendar They’re kids. They shit and piss in their own pants so what makes the world think that a Friday is what registers in these tiny humans’ radar? It doesn’t therefore I just go along with their own little schedule. Their calendar is pretty much consistent: every day is Cryday.

My husband is an extra kid At least with him being gone at work five days of the week, I just have to worry about the kids during the day. When he’s home, GH is another mouth to feed and cleanup trail to tend to so it’s actually more work. Instead of just a family dinner like workdays, it’s breakfast and lunch too. Lets not forget another body to repeatedly ask demands and to just be ignored. Men.

Chores await you, always Just don’t even think about sitting down to relax because there’s always, always something that needs to be done. When you do have a co-parent on standby, you find yourself tending to neglected chores because that’s seizing the moment. No matter how accomplished I feel by tackling Mt. Vesuvius of breastmilk poo stains or clearing the dishes after two days of sitting in the washer, there’s at least two untended chores to every accomplishment. I might as well wear roller skates around the house because I just feel I’m always taking the next order.

Too tired to function socially Weekends are for warriors, right? I lived for the weekend in my pre-kid life. Hell, I actually lived for Thursday-Sunday but because I was a drunkard. Weekend is the time to be out and see people and be places. No. I’m too tired to get dressed for the public and sure as hell don’t want to be around people on three hours of straight sleep. When GH does let me sleep in on his days off, I just lay there because I can and should. Being social with at least one other adult suits me fine nowadays and GH seems fine with that or is really good at pretending to listen to me.


To all the moms, who stay in on the weekends now either by choice or because you have no clean clothes to wear, you’re not alone. Motherhood doesn’t discriminate on downtime, what a bitch so take whatever free second we have and do something for ourselves. Post a status update, eat a piece of chocolate, put a coat of mascara on, whatever— You deserve it, any day of the week.

What do you usually do on weekends?

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22 thoughts on “No Such Thing As Weekends for Moms

  1. Well said. I actually get less sleep when John is off work because he will wake up an hour before the baby and I, and walk around like a bull in a china shop- waking us both up! I’m making a new rule once the NEW baby comes, NO SHOES IN THE DAMN HOUSE!!! Put them on outside, they’re loud! Sounds like he wears heels.

  2. My husband works every other weekend and I work 5 days a week. We get 4 full days a month together as a family. We SHOULD we working on our house, as it needs a ton of repairs. But we usually end up doing things with family, going food shopping, cleaning the VERY neglected house. Honestly it sucks. I try to get some me time after babe goes to bed but I usually end up falling asleep….at 9 pm! So weekends are full of fun or sometimes, most of the time, really boring!

  3. I feel ya. Weekends aren’t much different at all sometimes!

    The biggest relief I get from the weekend is that Stephen is home all day, so we can do things while it’s sunny and nice out together. Also I usually get some time where he takes the baby to do play or do chores, and I get a little time to myself. Definitely not something you can easily do with a newborn, but it’s nice that I can get a little time to feel renewed as a parent (and as a human haha).

    • Yes, it’s difficult with a newbie but definitely better than a newborn and a toddler. On Sunday mornings, GH takes Humnoy to the Y and they either go swimming or he goes to play with the daycare kids and usually I sleep in or enjoy the leave and quiet, if I’m on twitter too long ha!

  4. Potamus is sick and Boof worked today and is going to the Sounders game. I feel mean but the house will not be remotely picked up when he gets home…maybe he’ll get the picture of what i went through… he’s normally really helpful, but he hasn’t even texted to see how we’re doing..probably because he didn’t want to be guilted into missing the soccer match, even though i can’t get the smell of toddler vomit out out my hair

  5. Love this! So true. I used to be a socialite, but now.. neh. Even on the extremely rare occasion when I do get to go out I’m still home early because babies just don’t care that you’ve been out when they wake up the next morning or when they wake up all through the night, and I’m always on the night shift anyway. Dad’s somehow just never learn this even when they know they have to get up at 6 in the morning so mummy can have some sleep after being on baby duty all night.

  6. My husband is also off on Sunday and Monday. Saturdays I spend entertaining… I mean breaking up fights of the older kids. Sunday is family day and Monday is run errands and hopefully spend time with my hubby day.

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