Taking Sick Kids to Public Activities

TheLaotianCommotion.com: Taking Sick Kids to Public Activities

Rest up, buddy.

Long anticipating our first play date with a local play date group, I cancelled our RSVP to a begrudging “No” with a comment about ‘baby’s green snot.’ Disappointed, yes, but more upset at the whole situation and people that put me in such a mood. As a parent to sick kids, I am choosing to keep my kids at home rather than bring them around others (kids or otherwise) because it’s the considerate thing to do. Unfortunately, that common sense or consideration is not instilled in all parents.

Parents such as the fellow members at our local YMCA with what’s called Child Watch. The Child Watch center is the on-site childcare facility in the Y that watches children while their caregiver is utilizing the facility. The center oversees children as young as 6 weeks, which is when Lanoy began attending and is now sick at 7 weeks. Coincidence? Maybe. Probably not. Every time I drop my kids off, there is at least one child with a hacking cough or a snotty sneeze. So, now that my children are a part of this unwell demographic, I choose to keep them from other children even though I desperately want to drop them off and have a kid-free 45 minutes to myself or for Humnoy to meet other toddlers at the now-cancelled play date. So, when sick kids are out in an optional public outing like a play date or the library, I will judge the crap out of you because that choice was clearly a poor one.

For the most part, I try not to blame others for something that happens to my children because I am responsible for their little lives. I try to be responsible for my children’s behavior, health, and interaction with others. I am mindful to wash my and Humnoy‘s hands as often as possible and do so before and after his Child Watch attendance because hello? I have a brand new baby in my arms at all times and because kids are disgusting little creatures. My proactive approach in their well-being can only go so far and that’s where others can jeopardize my diligence in protecting my own kids. This reminds me of Gym Hottie’s accident: no matter how careful he was or how aware of the surroundings, it still doesn’t account for the actions of others. Parents are responsible for sick kids. Sick kids affect other people therefore parents making that poor choice is affecting other people. Stay close to home. Let the poor kids rest up. Think clearly of your choice to make the best one you can. Need to go to the store with sick kids? Take them because it’s something you need to do. Zumba class at noon? No ma’am, please reconsider.

TheLaotianCommotion.com: Taking Sick Kids to Public Activities

A sick baby makes a sad Mama and baby.

How do you handle sick kids?

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11 thoughts on “Taking Sick Kids to Public Activities

  1. I hate it when people do that, especially if it is your own family bringing their sick kids around. You don’t have to be included in every single gathering, stay the hell home if you are sick!!!

  2. I think I need to share this post with a friend of mine! It seems that nearly every time we get together with her, her daughter has a snotty nose or some kind of sickness…and she DOESN’T TELL US!! Someone always ends up sick after those catch ups. It is so annoying! I get not wanting to miss out, but seriously, it’s making our kids sick!

    • Share it in a subtle way– I always did that when I had Facebook. Someone said something and I would share an article or a vague status update about it and my feelings on the matter. Hahah.

      I actually don’t understand how an optional activity can be so important that they’ll risk others that way, especially children or persons that may be immunocompromised. You just never know! It’s just better safe than to be spreading sickies around, for what?

  3. I hate that, too. The only thing we do that has us around a lot of kids is Kindermusik, and you can bet if my bug is a runny nose, I’m keeping her home, because I don’t want her to be responsible for someone else being sick. Mayah, I’m convinced, has super immunity. They wrote “Unbreakable” about her. For that reason, if I know she has a runny nose, she’d have someone else’s child eating ice chips. That being said, keep your children home, parents! You’re getting our babies Humnoy and Lanoy under the weather. No bueno.

  4. It’s so hard when tiny babies get sick. I feel for you, mama. It irked me when we would go out to playdates and someone would have there kid hacking,. snottin’, and sneezing all over the place. “Oh, it helps build immunity” Well, it almost always puts my kids in the hospital because they have asthma and a cold almost always turns into some sort of asthma attack.

    Not sure if you made the move to my new blog. Here’s the link just in case. http://www.themahoganyway.com
    Hope you have a nice weekend!

    • Wow, I’d be more angry than I am if it compromised my kids’ health issues. That’s so unfair. Lanoy is so helpless with her snotty nose but I know I’m doing right by her when we’re home so she can rest more than usual, I guess for an infant! Haha

      I’ll add your site to my Reader! Thanks πŸ™‚

    • It just chaps my ass that this isn’t considered a ‘public health issue,’ but you-know-what else is. πŸ˜‰ Like, my otherwise healthy children are causing others be sick as a threat. No ma’am, their bodies are strong and healthy and when they aren’t at the optimal point, we make sure to rely on the body to rest to recover.

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