3 Things to Start Elimination Communication

TheLaotianCommotion.com: 3 Things To Start Elimination Communication

It is important in elimination communication (EC) to be able to know when your baby needs to go pee or poo before needing to know what you need for pee or poop. When awake, Lanoy will either a) arch her back, b) breathe very fast/heavy, c) kick or bring up her legs to chest, or d) lastly, will whimper or cry if first signals do not get her butt over a receptacle. While feeding or sleeping, she will unlatch off the breast or I just know to offer the potty upon wakeup. Once I mastered her signals, I still wish I had gathered all the stuff that helped me in the early days of EC. Sure, I had acquired my very own bucket from the Dollar Store but it was cumbersome that it was once knocked over mid-poo by big brother Humnoy onto our bed . I had also tried the potty insert from the BabyBjorn potty chair but it wasn’t large enough to catch her sprays. I then realized I had the perfect receptacles sitting right there in our home not being regularly used for anything (further down in post). Here’s three important things I used to start elimination communication:

1) Prefolds – These are the most simple and easy, not to mention cheapest, diapering option (other than EC) because they lay flat and can be folded many variations inside a diaper cover. When I did use it with a cover like for trips outside of the home, I just tri-folded it and laid it flat and that was it. When at home, I laid it under Lanoy’s bottom before she learned to roll over so much and if I missed a pee, the prefold would catch up the wetness. A prefold in a Velcro cover was the fastest ones to get off too compared to the gazillion snap buttons on others. For once, Velcro and cloth diapers co-mingling nicely.

2) Cloth wipes – I don’t mean the wipes that are baby-branded at $20 for a 4-pack. While I love to support work-at-home-mom shops, I don’t need a two-sided wipe with fancy prints to wipe my kids’ bottom. I just use the cheap baby washcloths. I have seen them in Target and Walmart for less than $1 and I’ve had them for a long time. I leave some by the sink, near the toilet, and of course near the bedside to wipe down baby’s bum. It’s a quick swift of one hand while the other’s cradling the baby. The nice thing about EC is you don’t have to worry about poo-covered ass if you aim it just right.

3) Receptacle – This can be a potty, the bathroom sink, or the standard toilet. Anywhere where you can dispose of the waste accordingly. Like I said before, the Dollar Store bucket was too big and the Bjorn insert was too small to hold Lanoy’s bottom over it. As its second use of purpose to hold the cloth wipes near the bed, there sat an empty Huggies wipes container because it was screaming laundry day. I had left the original receptacle in the bathroom after rinsing and wiping it down so I grabbed the Huggies container and realized it worked perfectly. It was deep enough to catch any sprays but slim enough to fit between my thighs to hold it stable. Also, it comes with a lid which helps control odor and for the bumpy car EC trips, which houses its own lidded container.

TheLaotianCommotion.com: Elimination Communication Tips

Honorable mentions:
BabyLegs leg warmers – Being pantsless (the kid, not Mom) is essential in EC because you need to be fast and furious once you get a baby signal. I “splurged” in this department but only because I began EC during cold months of Seattle weather. Being diaperless and held over a potty, their legs deserve some coverage where socks don’t venture. Check out their clearance items, which I got 7 pairs for less than $21. Otherwise, buy adult knee socks and cut off the toes and that seems to be a great option too.

All-purpose cleaner – My favorite cleaning tip to wipe out the containers and the sink is with my trusty vinegar spray: equal parts vinegar, equal parts water. This is a great cleaner to have around regardless. Chemical-free, cheap, easy, and it really cleans.

These items were very important in the success I’ve had with elimination communication. Ensuring Lanoy’s comfort and meeting her basic needs were my main priority with EC. It’s important to find out what works best for you and your family. You may not need BabyLegs in your climate or choose not to use plastic containers, so feel free to explore options. After all, EC is an option you chose after very careful consideration and should continue exploring it to ensure potty success.

Any of these items surprise you about EC? What makes EC scary to you?

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4 thoughts on “3 Things to Start Elimination Communication

  1. I have been really bad about practicing EC like I wanted to. I can’t seem to get the hang of seeing Rook’s cues, or I get lazy and don’t offer him the potty when he wakes up. You’ve inspired me to start practicing it more diligently. I LOVE the wipes container idea, I only have a million of them laying around waiting to be re-purposed!

    • Sweet! I’ve had so many lazy moments myself and try not to beat myself over it. Every catch in the potty is better than no catch in the potty. I wonder how it’ll work with a boy in the wipes container haha! Maybe just position him as far back on one end as much as possible. πŸ˜‰

  2. When I was younger and learning about other cultures I vividly remember my mom telling me that in other countries babies don’t wear diapers. She told me that mothets usually carry their babies close, like in cloth wrapped around them, and just know when the baby needed to pee. Taking the baby out and holding it away from her body the baby would pee on the ground and be returned to the wrap. That was my first introduction to EC πŸ™‚ I did not practice it myself but find it fascinating

    • Have you seen the movie, “Babies?” I remember the mama and baby from Africa. When the baby had a bowel movement she wiped his bum on her knee and ‘cleaned’ it off with a dried corn cob. I was like, “Whoa, weird.” but obviously now, it is my life πŸ˜€

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