A Boy’s Most Important Potty Milestone

We are totally owning potty learning because it’s safe to say Humnoy is 98% diaper-free. Now that he has no need for a diaper at all times, his pants fit a little looser. A hilarious result of potty learning and going long bouts without a diaper is baby crack. The equivalent of plumbers crack, Humnoy shares with the world his friendly reminder that he is just a boy learning to be without a diaper and fellow parents get a kick out of it. The playground kids aren’t quite comfortable with it yet though.

Another laugh of potty learning took a few tries and a couple of wet pants until one evening at the playground. Humnoy did a potty dance amid playing “tag” with his neighborhood friends. I noticed and asked if he needed to go potty and he refused because that would also mean stop playing. He refused up until we were walking home. I then excitedly provided the opportunity to pee outside. He pulled his corduroys down and cued himself with a “pssssss” (just like EC with his sister). I think his initial refusal lacked privacy too. This was obviously the first time he’s peed standing up with pants around his ankle so I had to help ‘aim.’ It dribbled on his pants before the aim-intervention but he got it on the bush. That, folks, was Humnoy’s first public pees-perience and it happened well before he did it between parked cars in college too.

potty training bloopers toddler butt crack.jpg

What do you think is the most important potty learning milestone?

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6 thoughts on “A Boy’s Most Important Potty Milestone

  1. Okay, I have to share! D and I were taking a walk with Miss L (12 weeks) in the Mei Tai, and she really seemed like she needed to go. We were probably 15-20 minutes from home, so I semi-insisted we stop and pee her in a discreet area off the trail, in the woods. Sure enough, she went and was much happier! (We always carry a couple of cloth wipes, mostly for possible puke.) I am soooo not one for camping or hiking or sh!tting in the woods, but I was waaaaay too proud, LOL.

    • YES! I love that. (EC) babies definitely don’t care ow far from our home potty we are. I went on a play date on a trail and Lanoy went in the woods. EC is soooo convenient and no waiting around to get to a changing area. EC for the win!

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