Even Shitty Wives Get Love Poems

photo courtesy Melissa Reagan of Seattle, WA

My shitty wife life began well before my peaceful parenting journey. I also wasn’t the most pleasant of girlfriends either but we somehow managed to stay together through drunken fights and major egos. My once-again doting husband went above and beyond and offered to take most of his morning before work to try and fix my MacBook from its serious injury that cleared out the first year and a half of Humnoy’s life. I rummaged through a very neglected craft drawer to look for the installation CD. Rather than scoring jackpot with my years-old MacBook product, I ran into past mementos that were stuffed in the drawers. Mixed in between college documents and middle school pictures, I found a love poem by my baby daddy and I fell in lust all over again. The sweet-nothings was written while I was still pregnant with Humnoy and craved all the food.

Today, we exchange love gifts in the form of trading favors for whoever switches wet laundry or does ass-wipe duty for the toddler. GH and I aren’t love-dovey. We don’t hold hands or kiss everyday. Our common interests are our beautiful children and most of our discussions are about our beautiful children. We rarely have 100% nice things to say to each other but we share a love for very bad-for-you food and surprising each other with it even until this day. A pre-kid life inspires the poet in all of us.

I noticed you forgot your purse
Forgetting things can be such a curse
Im sure your tummy & [Humnoy] are hungry
And your probably tired & Angry
So I hope you enjoy the wonderful smell
Because I got you an XXL Chalupa from Taco Bell!

taco bell love poem

Aren’t the grammar mistakes so presh?

What is your favorite love memento between you and your partner?

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