How I’m Limiting My Online Mom Activity

{} How I'm Limiting My Online Mom ActivityI considered going private on this blog, where my two loyal subscribers can view a blog post with a link but then thought about why blogging is important to me. I really enjoy sharing my experiences in crunchy living, measly attempts at Lao cooking, and other tenets of lazy parenting. What’s a parenting web-log if you can’t connect with other awesome moms/shitty wives? You’re probably still squicked out by the Instagram post and wonder how on earth can “mommy bloggers” (I hate that term but it is what it is but DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT) be transparent in the online community. Well, I don’t know what to tell you other than fall off the face of the earth if you want your kids to be truly protected. Honestly, I don’t even know what I’ll do and I’ve been somewhat anonymous in the almost two years I’ve been blogging. I have however kept a low profile since the beginning and have analyzed my future online-mom activity.

Be anonymous I don’t share my, Gym Hottie’s, or the kids’ real legally-attached-to-them names. It’s also a bit more fun coming up with their online monikers anyway. How much better can you go with “small testicles?” It was important to me to keep my real name, as awesome as it is, out of my online life because I do plan to return to the workforce and nothing like a simple Google search to show that you ate your placenta or judge little kids to send your cover letter to the shredder.

Limit exposure Here I thought I’m protecting my family by not sharing their names but plaster their mugs all over Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, this blog, anywhere that I can put a face to my identity as a mom. I have made the mindful thought to limit my family’s exposure on my blog, and yes, even my now private Instagram. From now on, I’ll limit their faces and definitely the kids’ (and GH, if he protests his sexy) bodies because they have not given me the consent to do so. As for me? Well, what’s the Laotian Commotion if you don’t know what I even look like?

Unlink “Sharing settings” Instagram has options to link to a Twitter account, where non-Instagrammers can see the photo, but not the comments or likes. I have since decided to not link my kids photos from Instagram to Twitter or my blog sidebar anymore; I’ll however link other random shit to my Twitter followers like a chocolate coin. Yeah, I dunno, people still eat that shit up. No pun intended. 

It also greatly reduces my online activity too. I am the first to admit that I spend way, way too much time on the internetz. I tried making this rule where I would only be on my iPhone when the kids were asleep or either one didn’t need my full-on attention (eating, bath, etc), but that quickly failed. I do leave my phone inside when we go to the playground so I am forced to be a bit more involved during child play. Pathetic, huh? I love the online community because it’s difficult to maintain real-life relationships especially in mainstream parenting. I am understood by and I laugh with this community but I forget the two reasons why I’m finding this connection with other moms: my kids. They didn’t ask to be kids to a blogger nor did they want their potty trials and tribulations shared with you but you gotta admit seeing a tiny baby over the potty is cute. As I rush to write this during the kids’ nap, I still continue to be a part of the online mommy world only after I feel like I am fully available to the kids and.after they’re.passed.the.fuck.out.

{} anonymous mommy blogger

oops. old habits die hard

What have you done to limit your online activity?

You can find me tweeting my hatred for pants on twitter, filtering the shit outta my kids’ mugs on Instagram, pinning food I’ll never make on Pinterest, and being a wannabe grownup on Google+

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14 thoughts on “How I’m Limiting My Online Mom Activity

  1. I quit gaming 😦 Yes I am/was a gamer girl nerd. I loved melting faces in WOW. My online time now is all iphone related. I am tempted to start gaming a little bit after the move since I won’t be working for a bit BUT will be in beautiful Hawaii so we shall see…

    • Uh, I’d throw away my phone if I was in Hawaii!!! Have fun. I know it’s so hard nowadays to not be ‘connected’ because of the lifestyles and amenities we all have compared to 10 years ago. I think you’ll find a happy medium.

  2. I really respect you for going through with it and acknowledging that you’re on your phone too much. I often worry about this next generation and how they’re going to feel when they are ignored in favor of mommy or daddy’s iDistraction. I try really hard to only be on my phone when using it as a camera. I don’t really want Ellie to think of it as her toy too. I’d rather her emulate me in other ways.

    • I agree, Angie; Humnoy does relate the front-facing function as FaceTime with Dada. No joke though: he knows how to swipe and pick Netflix, if he sees it. Yikes.

      I think it is a generational thing much like tv always on when I was growing up and we as parents have to adapt to their digital surroundings by emphasizing boundaries and benefits of the digital age (locating information, educational interaction, etc.)

  3. It is SO hard to limit online activity, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot since you posted that other link. I love taking pictures of my kid and sharing them, it’s so scary that it could be twisted into something creepy. I think for now I’ll just stay anonymous blogging, and only friend people on facebook that I know, and my Instagram is locked down. 🙂

    • I think it’s so so important to remain somewhat anonymous as an online entity. I know popular bloggers have revealed that some readers have showed up at their kids’ schools, know their birthdays, and I just can’t risk that with today’s age of hustle and bustle where it can easily happen. I’m so grateful I made the decision to be anonymous (for the most part) from the beginning.

      • I just did a quick google search, and apparently you can do a reverse image search (putting in your image) to see where else it lands on the net. While it doesn’t necessarily protect our kids’ from people cropping photos or just downloading them to their computer, it is kinda interesting to see if anyone is stealing them.

  4. I have gotten rid of my smart phone and have gotten rid of the internet service on my phone – entirely. I just couldn’t handle always being connected – you know? I have stopped all the gaming online. Not only do I not have time for it, it’s just more time looking at the screen. The only time spent on the computer is for blogging. That’s it. Nothing else.

    Despite my efforts, I’m on the computer most of the day – so…

    I hate Instagram. I think it’s a hard app to use and so I don’t use it.

  5. I just noticed someone start following my blog today, called Sextoyworld and when I went over there to check on them, it’s a site that mostly just reblogs sex toy stuff. WHY WOuLD THEy WANT TO FOLLOW ME? I asked them that, but am getting perved out…I hope I don’t have to shut my whole blog down…but naturally I thought of you when it happened!

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