Remembering When Your Husband Forgot Your Birthday On His Birthday

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Birthdays are a huge deal to me. I hate Christmas (birthday shout-out to Jesus though) and basically every other celebrated day out there. Those aren’t personal or unique but a day when my loved one was born and I’m like a freakin’ genie because I want to make it special for you, if I can. As such, I enjoy my birthday too, as you imagine because I was wonderfully born that day. If not for that day, you wouldn’t be reading this, of course so send thanks to Azn Grandma. Before my kids’ birthdays as the most important birth days of my life, Gym Hottie’s birthday was an additional date once he became a part of my life.

husband forgot birthday.jpgToday is his birthday and I am one-upping my husband today. I mean, I don’t like to brag but I will go above and beyond than all the special doting on January 7th. Going a tiny huge step above my husband did for my special day, I will at least remember his birthday. I acknowledge that I, shitty wife of the year, remembered the day my husband was born. I’m winning at this day already than, say, the entire day of my birthday.

That’s right, my loves, GH forgot my 27th birthday this year. No breakfast in bed or birthday cash on the counter. Not a single birthday text from work nor a call. He did however have his 9-month-pregnant wife speak to the credit card company, that sweet, sweet man. It wasn’t until he came home from work and decided to drink my coveted “special drink,” a 20-oz bottle of Coca-Cola I save for three two days sipping here and there. I spouted, “You would drink my drink on my birthday!” That’s how I knew he forgot. He probably let out the biggest “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shit” of his life.

So what I took my pregnant ass to get my own birthday cake later that night on a junk food run, it’s all water under the bridge, I say. I’m letting bygones be bygones and I actually asked if he wanted anything special for dinner tonight. I may be a shitty wife but a forgiving one. GH may be a forgetful husband but shitty he is not. Even though junk food demands took place of that meaningful birthday text, which I never got:


Has your partner ever forgotten your birthday? Forgot your partner’s?

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19 thoughts on “Remembering When Your Husband Forgot Your Birthday On His Birthday

  1. Oh, for like the first five years we were together, yep. Not a word. In fact, his mother had to call him out on this forgetting to get the ball rolling. So he wrote himself a script on his computer to have it remind him. Gotta love engineers.

    However, he does let me have six dogs, so I figure I’m pretty much ahead there.

  2. As forgetful as my husband is, he’s never forgotten my birthday! Mine is in 10 days, so watch this comment totally jinx me! >.<

  3. We’re good with birthdays, but we forget our anniversary. This year, we didn’t remember until my mom texted a belated Happy Anniversary — two days late.

    • That’s so funny you bring up anniversary: last year on ours, we made a bet on whose guess was the correct date because neither of us could remember what it was. Birthdays are super special to me, anniversaries too but not really.

  4. We got married June 25th and my birthday was/is July 12th… Yeah husband didn’t completely forget my 20th and first birthday being married but he didn’t get me anything. Like no food, cake, gift, nothing. Yeah I cried. Oh and we had just moved to HIS home town, so I knew no one. Well his parents. :/ But none of my family or friends. Yep, I scared the boy because he has NEVER forgotten a birthday since. (I also remind him about a week out.😉)

      • Lol… Well, like I said I cried… But it was more like wailing, and then not talking to him, and then the whole “I’m fine” when really you’re not and ANYone could tell that you’re not fine. I totally went “crazy-moody-girl” on him, (life was hard at 19/20) Really, I think it worked so well because we had been married like two and a half weeks and it was/is so out of my norm. Actually, it might still work, I don’t think I’ve flip out like that since then. Lol.

  5. I love my own birthday too much to ever let DH forget! I talk it up for weeks ahead of time and give him a verbal daily count down to it! Ha! I *almost* forgot his this year, but in my defense, I had very recently given birth… But I remembered the night before and had the kids make him cards 😀

    • Oh shit, I forgot cards! Oh well, I think the sheer fact I remembered and offered special birthday dinner makes me Mother Teresa of birthday wives.

      I’ve tried instituting a “birthday month” where for the entire month, I was to be treated like it was my birthday every day. I guess I got my wish this year. -_-

  6. Mike forgot my birthday… On thanksgiving… Which I spent cleaning the house because he was coming home from deployment on short notice. But I grew up in a military town, and my birthday is always super close to, arguably, the biggest family holiday of the year. Noone is ever home for my birthday. Ever. Sooo, it’s whatev… But I did curse him all the way out right before he got on his last flight giving him plenty of time to stew in his shame, and me time to get over it and get in a *better* mood. 😉

      • Oh man! I wasn’t pregnant that year… Wooo! Praise the good Lord. I’m not a nice girl, and I’d likely be a widdow. For my last birthday (I was pregnant) we went to Benihana and then target. Best. Birthday. Evaaa.

      • Ha! I could probably send mase to college next year if it weren’t for target. And, though I’m not a big drinker, and alcohol-induced night of sleep sounds amazing!

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