As challenging as he is, I’d take crazy toddler over a sick, sad toddler

In the first emergency room visit two late nights ago, they said he either is moderately dehydrated or caught a bug. The second visit, the urgent care doctor freaked out GH when he strongly advised for the sick toddler to undergo IV fluids. Thankfully, dehydration is not the correct diagnosis because he has wet lips and pees (and diarrheas) just fine. We are sitting quarantined for the day because I don’t know if he’ll ass-plode or mouth-splode. Humnoy caught a stomach flu virus of sorts and we are still recuperating. The thing is that he is the only family member to have caught it and I feel guilty because I want the discomfort to disappear for my baby. For the last 36 hours, he has had difficulty keeping down any food or drink intake. He turns down any offer of solid food and has thankfully just kept down breast milk… for now.

We would appreciate good thoughts for the quick recovery of our otherwise happy and healthy toddler.


Any helpful tips to encourage eating and drinking?

20 thoughts on “As challenging as he is, I’d take crazy toddler over a sick, sad toddler

  1. awe, poor buddy! they recommend cocounut water after my hot yoga class, so I wonder if making a popsicle out of that would work? i guess it’s supposed to have some electrolytes in it or something? I hope he feels better soon!

  2. Rice soup. I know he doesn’t want to eat, but it makes the puking so much more comfortable(? Less uncomfortable? Idk). And my mom used to give me chewing gum. I think she said “make you hungly”.

  3. If he has no allergies, you can try fresh ginger Popsicles. Get some ginger root boil it and let it cool. Then place the liquid into the freezer in a ice tray. The ginger should help with the nausea. To add some flavor to it if he doesn’t take to the taste add a little lemon to it.

      • I believe it should. I’ve only used lemon tho. However if you add it after the tea has cooled it should be good. Even with him sucking on it for a minute or two should bring some relief to the poor baby. Ginger is awesome. Even though I am allergic to it. If I’m ill like that I will load up on Benadryl and go for it. So when lil bits was under the weather due to his acid reflux acting up I tried it with him and vomiting stopped.

  4. Oh! Poor little guy. My kids also catch this often and I know how bad it is and how ugly it can be. Just a little tip, don’t stop breastfeeding. Also, you can make an oral rehydration solution for him which consists of 6 teaspoons of sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of salt in 1 liter of water. I hope he gets well very soon.

  5. BRAT diet. It is the easiest diet to keep down when little ones are sick, and the smoothest coming back up. B-bananas R-rice A-applesauce T-toast. It is the most gentle on their tummies. And of course pedialyte drink or popsicles. Good luck! Cover your couch with towels and balnkets to protect the unwashable. 🙂

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