Question Shouldn’t Be “Have Postpartum Belly Flab?” But “Have You Planked Today?”

Let me be very clear about when my husband says dumb shit: 1) I either get really mad and do not speak to him for two days or 2) I will post it on the internet for all to see. I chose the latter when he yanked on my after-baby belly. Also, I really wasn’t upset because he has said worse; I’d actually be more upset if I was pregnant. The timing of my next exercise challenge start-up may be vindictive of stupid shit husbands say but really it was sparked by a favorite online mommy of mine over at Boof and Monk-Monk. She offered the idea of planks in addition to my Squat Challenge. I was all, “Yeah, I can do that” and then all “Yeah, never got around to it.” I was so busy remembering to do squats for the day. I guess being internet-mad at your husband does the craziest things to you and makes you realize holy shit, you’re out of shape.

plank a dayWhy planks? Well, same concept as “Why squats?” and how strong legs are crucial for the rest of your body. A strong core is essential to executing out your daily lifestyle with maintaining good posture and centering your whole body. The best thing? You don’t have to drive the 15 minutes to the gym and wrangle two kids for 30 minutes to go lay down on a sweaty mat to get a core sesh in. I am on day 4 of Plank A Day with one minute, 36 seconds less 2-3 seconds from when I crumble down from shaking so hard to then click “Stop” on my phone timer. Here, you are holding a plank position for as long as possible. Unlike the Squat Challenge and following the number of squats listed per day, holding a plank for as long as you can is dependent upon your ability level and just holding a plank longer than the day before. As with any other exercise, it’s important that quality is better than quantity. So, perfect that form and if you have a toddler riding on your back while you’re shivering from contracting your abs then it might be best to try it during nap time.

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What to do:
1) Have a timer ready. (optional) I like to always beat the day before ‘s time by 10 more seconds, at least, and to keep track of my progress.

2) Set timer and get in plank position (see above) If you can do it in front of mirror, then do so you can check your form.

3) Hold this single plank for as long as possible and check your breathing. Distract yourself so you aren’t checking the timer until done.

Mommy plank tips:
– Set an immobile baby in front of you and coo and gab away with her to distract yourself from a timer. Immobile is important here unless you want to get attacked by a toothless baby mouth.

– If you need some sort of guide, start with 20-30 seconds on your first plank. At least try to make it long enough to where your body is all, “Shit, I’m trembling pretty hard, dawg.”

– Advanced or bored? Add in plank variations like side planks or extended arm planks. You can even have that toddler sit on you if you dare.

Here’s photo of me in 2008:
Pre baby body 2010 the laotian commotion

Here’s today June 19, 2013 two babies later and on day 4 of Plank a Day: postpartum plank a day

Have you planked today?

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8 thoughts on “Question Shouldn’t Be “Have Postpartum Belly Flab?” But “Have You Planked Today?”

  1. I like the idea of easy(ish) at-home work outs such as plankin and squattin. Honestly, they’re a lot like the party days YOU FEEL ME DOH?! But really though, in your GGW days you were hot with that ab-olicious definition but NOW you’re all hot and (IN A GOOD WAY AND FROM ONE TO ANOTHER) all soft bodied and cute. No homo 😘
    I think after my baby número dos I’m gonna revert to back to them party days and get down with the squat-n-plank.
    You’ve inspired me!!

    • Kekeke, squat and planks are like the prefunking days, pho sure! Why go to the bar when you can get sloshed at home? Thanks for the compliment! I really love my body now: boobs from breastfeeding, tummy from plankin’ and hopefully a nice ass from squats.

  2. Damn gurl. You don’t look two kids deep! How’d you get your belly button to go back to normal? I like your challenges-they are doable. Gonna go….nap. Then I’ll take your plank challenge!

    • Sleep is also essential for a bod too! I just took a little 20-minuter because any more and Im more tired. Show me what your timing for your plank today!!!

      My belly button was always in during both pregnancies. Is that what you mean?

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