I’m Impressed Yet Concerned About My Advanced Babies’ Development

Lanoy was born February 5, 2013. Didn’t that just, like, happen? Tell me why she is doing thissssssss…

Confirmed: I have every right to compare my first physical overachiever of a child to my second physical overachiever of a child. If this isn’t the case to make more super babies then I dunno how else to convince perma-pregnancy to GH to fill out our Olympian team. Well, besides perma-IMPREGNATING me. That’s fun, I promise. I’m very curious (and admittedly concerned) that her language skills may mirror the same delay as well.


What are the odds of siblings meeting similar milestones and times?


8 thoughts on “I’m Impressed Yet Concerned About My Advanced Babies’ Development

  1. Lydia was born the day after Lanoy and has been crawling since the beginning of July (she was scooting around for at least 6 weeks before that though), gets herself into a sitting position and sits unsupported, has developed the pincher grasp, if you stand her up she will hold onto something and balance herself, and she’s figured out how to climb over and maneuver through/around obstacles. It’s crazy business. She’s my fourth. My oldest was slightly ahead of the curve physically and waaaaay ahead mentally/emotionally. My second was like this and was walking at 7 months. My third was right “on schedule”. I think it can be really hit or miss as to what “curve” babies follow, even among siblings. I remember feeling like maybe something was wrong with my third because she didn’t do things so far ahead of schedule like her two big sisters. But she was just normal 🙂 lol!

    • That’s interesting! I felt like that too but these kids are keeping me on my toes. Humnoy will finally have his physical BFF soon if she keeps on track with his schedule! He walked at 8 months so hope that I won’t have to entertain her for too long LOL

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