Breastfeeders Be Like: #Hangry

We have all been hangry. You actually get pissed that you’re hungry therefore you are angry and hungry: hangry. No one ever told me that breastfeeding would not only help shed the extra body weight nicely but also that you’ll constantly be starving to refuel depleted boobie juice. Two and a half years of continual breastfeeding, I’m now double-starving thanks to tandem breastfeeding and hanging out with two little energy suckers. I’m constantly hungry and fiending for my next source of food. It’s said that to make an ounce of breastmilk, you’re burning 20 calories, according to Shape magazine. No wonder it’s cause for bi-weekly trips to the grocery store even though “I just went.” Between an ultra physical toddler, a tandem feeding mom, and a cyclist husband, you can imagine the part of our home where we hover mostly. I knew Gym Hottie would make some asshole remark about how much I ate today because it was quite astonishing even for me. I couldn’t believe I ate it either but here I am, eating whatever I want and shit. It’s astonishing only because we had just gotten it that morning and by the time he got home from work I opened it and realized what I had done:

hungry angry breastfeeding

Yep, this was allllllll me.

hangry hungry angry breastfeeding meme

What have you annihilated while ‘hangry?’


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23 thoughts on “Breastfeeders Be Like: #Hangry

  1. I didn’t notice my appetite increase as much as my THIRST. Good god, especially in the first few months, any time I whipped my boob out it was like I was in the Sahara desert…I would start shrieking “water, I need a glass of water!” and Boof would have to get me 1-2 glasses of water. So, is there a thirst version of this? Thangry? Sounds like a new Miley Cyrus song…

      • I keep soda in the house for the caffeine because I get insane migraines without it. But I love snacks, but I never finish them. Mike, on the other hand, never picks out snacks or asks for them, but he’ll eat them all in one afternoon if we have them in the house. I don’t care. I don’t share my apples wit nobahdy. And Meese is the only one that can talk me out of a peach slice.

  2. Oh hellll yeah!! I totally feel ya girl. I’m over here trying to do squats and planks and shit wondering how the hell this is suppose to work when I’m stuffing my face with whatever looks good lol. I try the whole “eating healthy” but its freaking hard with these crazy boobie addicts that dont let me cook a decent meal without them crying like maniacs and me being scared the neighbors are gonna think I’m beating them lol. Oh well, at least we have something to eat lol right?

  3. Hangry- my husband and son both get that too! But breastfeeding for sure has made me cotton mouth queen and an avocado addict (you can eat SO many foods with avocado- chips, most veggies, sandwiches, ice cream (yes, avo ice cream is deliciously weird), plain, baked. I’ve also been known to eat an entire box of cereal or my husband’s dinner (he was taking too long in the shower).

  4. Oh, I can SO relate to this! I swear I end up wanting a second dinner every night after the kids are put to bed! I’m trying hard to find the balance between feeding my body what it needs and not getting into the habit of overdoing it.

  5. I have days when I can’t eat at all… well then I notice I did eat that entire bag of veggie chips. I have days when I am so good and eating A LOT but it is all clean and nice- and then I will have to have an ice cream and eat half of the pack before even realizing it… Then there is a day of cofeee and half an orange in a morning and around 8 pm it’s pizzacheesemeatwhatevereateateatfoodnomnomnom time…. Ugh.

  6. it never ends, I haven’t been full since I was pregnant. OK not true, we go to an Indian buffet once in a while and I eat enough to where I feel I’m going to explode and it makes me sick. But you get the point. This never-ending hunger is ridiculous!

  7. im loving this blog! im glad i found you! I’m breastfeeding and the hungr cravings are real. and the thirst. its so crazy how much i eat *while dipping a tortilla chip in salsa* but has everyone lost all your weight? with my son it was easy to get down to my original size but now, with my daughter I am gaining weight while shes sucking the life out of me! how does that happen?

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