The Family That Planks Together Stays Together

Never again will I do that, I told my husband. I also told him to just cancel the damn thing since I vowed to never step foot into the kid cesspool at the gym (daycare) after our first-born’s bout with the stomach flu. GH didn’t believe me and then proceeded to stamp me as “that mom.” I’d have rather accepted “paranoid” rather than “that” but he’s just “a dick.” So far, I’ve just been semi-pretending to do the Squat Challenge and keeping up with the Plank A Day. As a mama to two littles, these are the only two exercises I do in the comfort and quarantine of my home with no special ‘diet.’ My meal plan? Eat whatever the fuck I can because I’m hangry. I failed for two days when I missed daily planks and I’ll admit they aren’t just straight through anymore. I cheat and stop the timer because I’m crumbling and then restart again until I reach my daily goal: besting the previous plank time by 10 seconds. Day 9 and I re-planked until two minutes and 40 seconds. To spare a bit of humility, a crawling Lanoy does compromise my plank form so I gots to stop because reasons. Yeah, yeah– reasons. Since crawling, she’s got a new achievement. Not to be out shined, there is also a toddler version.

plank a day challenge kids and family

plank challenge mom workouts

No filter; toothpaste residue is happenstance.

Check out how to get started and How To Plank here

What day on Plank a Day are you on?

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15 thoughts on “The Family That Planks Together Stays Together

  1. You are so much better at this then me. 3 months after baby I still have my reasons of why I can’t get my shit together…yet. Thanks for motivation. I’m gonna start this plank business. :))

  2. Girl you are looking amazing. It’s crazy…I’ve been stalking you and your kids for the last year now and you all are beautiful. Your hubby is a luck man to have such a wonderful/beautiful family! Stay up and do them planks girlfriend!

  3. I’m not planking and my mostly grain/bean free diet has been thrown to the wind. I’m looking BLOATED. But, I am keeping up on my 100 squats a day. BTW you look GRRRRRREAT.

  4. Let me start by saying how amazing you look! Gosh I look like I am 4 months pregnant and I’, 6 months post partum haha BUT with that said I have printed the Plank Challenge and Squat Challenge and sticking it up on the wall. I will have the whole house do it with me 🙂 So yes let’s do this, i won’t be as brave as you and share pictures but I will let you know of my progress.


  5. Can you count 7 years as post partum? I keep trying too. Where you get the determination? I am going to try the plank and squat challenge. You ladies are beautiful!!!

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