The Best Thing To Come Out Of A Box Since… My Box

Before hashtags, before blogging, before discovering the world other than my circle of Facebook friends, I had no idea how to entertain myself with those inevitable extended night/early-morning feeds with a brand new baby. Forget trying to entertain a newborn with shitty eyesight so what’s a new mama to do? With Humnoy, I loved cable’s OnDemand feature. I could catch up on some shows I missed during original air time and have the baby feed and fall asleep (and repeat 284 times). That is how I survived the first weeks of new motherhood and have since mourned the loss of the excessive channels of cable television more than ever. We have Netflix streaming and that’s neat and nice but the selection is abysmal. How many times are they going to suggest movies with 2.5 stars just because Humnoy is obsessed penguins? No thanks, I really don’t want to know any more about penguin migration patterns more than general knowledge. Well, goodbye to talking-dog movies because we got a box.

GH upgraded our Comcast account to cable with HBO for an extra $5 than our internet bill alone. If I can’t leave the kids alone yet and need some me time, I’m gonna just zombie out and catch up on these shows I missed. Yes, we are a TV family. I am a TV watcher. We love TV and it saves my ass once again.

cable is awesome

Do you have a guilty pleasure? What’s your favorite you-time TV show?

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24 thoughts on “The Best Thing To Come Out Of A Box Since… My Box

  1. I. Love. TV. When people are saying shamefully they let their child watch tv, I scoff and say “our tv is on all day”. My kid probably ignores more than watches because it’s always there, but DVR is my best friend. Oh, after my husband… No, probably not after.

    • Oooh girl, I feel you. I felt shamed because of the pretentious no-screen families but I do what I gotta do when I gotta do it. We do limit it only because it stimulates the shit outta Hum before bed but I don’t care if he watches PBS or Netflix. DGAF

      What do you like to watch?

      • Mayah is into Peppa Pig and Dino Dan. I want to kill the actor who plays him. I loathe that show.

        Hubz and I watch most of the stuff on HBO. GoT, TB, Veep, etc. We’re behind on Breaking Bad, but will play catch up. And we watch Walking Dead. We watch a lot of TV. And I watch more because I don’t work. Reality shows. Don’t let a family have a show. Even the Kardashians since Kim got pregnant bc I love pregnant people lol. And I don’t get down with them.

  2. I liked The Killing, mostly because it was set in Seattle.
    But trashy TLC reality TV like Sister Wives and Breaking Amish are my favs right now. So outside my norm experience that it is fun to watch.

  3. I live for tv. And every few months I get rid of Netflix, only to sign up again (with a new email address, obviously) and watch 3 different series’ in a matter of days. Rinse. Repeat. I’m actually proud of myself for making desperate housewives last as long as it has. Every time I think about canceling my cable, though, I remember football season and how dear it is to my heart. Greys anatomy can be caught up on online, but football is a dish only served live, and loud!

      • OMG meeee tooo! Oitnb was uh.may.ZING! The pilot was boring, but the other 12 episodes were everything I ever dreamed they could be. Have you seen the AT&T commercials with the kids focus group? The little white girl knod after the girl explains why she wants to turn her brother into a puppy. That was my face the whole time. Lol.

      • I wassss! I loved it. Whenever I’m watching desperate housewives I’m like “oh look, moving pictures”, but now that mikes home I’m all “I neeeeeed more housewives.”

  4. You are not lying. I hate that I need TV but it really gets me through sometimes. I love my DVR. Without that, we would not have had any TV since Friday. Our dish was out and wasn’t fixed since until yesterday. :-/

  5. I know exactly what you mean. I’m definitely a TV person. And since we’ve been having some legit financial issues, we haven’t had cable. : ( I miss everything. But what I do is rent seasons of shows I love for my me time. I love being able to relax and watch Dexter or Game of Thrones. The only problem is having to wait for them to come in when other people are jerks and don’t return them on time >: ( (I’m having serious withdrawls from my shows not being in for way too long).

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