7 Ways You Don’t Have To Hide Your Feel-Good Moments From Family Anymore

Confession: I will intentionally procure a hacking cough to disguise the carbonated hiss of my hidden soda pop that I’m just not willing to share with anybody. I will also stash my candy bar up on a high (toddler) and secret (husband) shelf just to enjoy my own feel-good moments. I have been known to zombie through HBO dramas after bedtime just for sake of alone time. These me-time moments usually involve trash cable television, unhealthy junk food, and too much iPhone screen time but ironically aren’t good for me or my family. You can hide in the pantry all you want but they will find you to give up your candy to avoid a toddler tantrum or husband nagging. If you too find yourself hiding your stash or just hiding behind your iPhone more than away from it, here are some feel-good ideas to share with your family without hiding:

  1. Look up the hash tag #babymugging on Instagram together.
  2. Watch and rewatch this infinite loop of backseat jigging from Vine for a smile.
  3. Break out an impromptu dance-party with Hall & Oates radio to get out of your mid-day funk.
  4. Head outside and let your kids just go and you just follow no matter where.
  5. Catch a family-friendly dollar movie in a theater and share treats like the suggestions below.
  6. Sharing dark chocolate is less devious and makes you smarter apparently.
  7. Instead of soda pop, reach for this just-as-bubbly water option with zero guilt and zero sugar crash if your toddler happens to jacks your drink.

If you love the fizz but not the calories of soda pop, head over here to check all these bubbly flavors from Arrowhead® that you don’t have to hide from your kids and husband because, I mean, it’s actually feel-good for good reason.

Thanks to Arrowhead®, Deer Park®, Ice Mountain®, Ozarka®, Poland Spring®, Zephyrhills® Brands Sparkling Natural Spring Waters for sponsoring today’s discussion.

What are your feel-good moments that you hide/share with your family?

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