How To Cure Separation Anxiety (and Sanitation) For Bathroom Trips

You really need to go. You’ve been wanting to go since this morning. You wait until you think all your children’s basic needs have been satisfied and you just go for it: you attempt to use the bathroom. Well, that just doesn’t go for that mobile Stage 5 Clinger. Separation anxiety is a beast at this age. You may also have skipped over that to-do checklist to mop the floor and babies just love to go straight to the most disgusting thing in the bathroom. What’s a mama to do?

I was desperate (if ya know what I mean) and at seven months, Lanoy won’t let me out of her sight. I had sat down then jolted back up and waddled two giant steps to the hallway to grab it and the baby then sit back down. She may be mobile but her chunkamunk legs can’t maneuver out of my genius mom trap.

The solution to trouble-free bathroom trips | The Laotian Commotion

“See? I am always doing laundry.” – answer to “What do you do all day?”

How do you get to go potty with clingy babies?

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18 thoughts on “How To Cure Separation Anxiety (and Sanitation) For Bathroom Trips

  1. How long is it acceptable to leave a child in a hamper. Lets say a certain momma (of the snugz variety) would like a daytime shower? Acceptable? CPS eligible?

  2. I shower with Eleanor if I have to. IE: no one is home to help and I’ve got French girl armpits that need attention. She doesn’t mind the waterfall although it gets tricky when she’s like ‘hey, so I’m gonna stand up and try to climb up your legs and grab YOU (ahem) while you’re rinsing your hair and are temporarily blinded. Then I’m gonna bang on the shower door just when you think you’ve contained me back to the tub with foams letters. Come on, mom, who do you think I am?’
    So… It doesn’t happen often and more often than not I FEEL FRENCH.

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