A Major Tip for Feel Good Mornings After Not-So-Good Nights: Drink More

This bear knows what's up with that hangover trick | The Laotian Commotion

He knows what’s up.

The almost-three years of parenting has shifted my party girl status to the backlog. My current frequency of actually cavorting with alcohol is slim to none. Despite scary myths and unguided misinformation, I can enjoy a cocktail even while breastfeeding. As always, drinking in moderation is safest, if you choose to drink. The key to preventing your hangover headaches is to drink more but not of what you think. Here’s how to feel good the next day after a night of (too much) fun:

Pre-funk Up until you are ready to consume alcohol, make sure you are keeping yourself hydrated. Tip: keep a bottle of this with you at all times in the few hours leading up to your first drink.

Double-fist When drinking, make sure to order/prepare a glass of water to accompany your alcoholic beverage. Tip: keep the glass of water in your dominant hand to encourage more drinking (of H2O).

Chug You made it home safe (by taxi, by designated driver, or stumble) and ready for bed. Before you do, chug a full glass of water (or two) before hitting the hay.

Walk of shame How do you feel this morning? If you’re still a little hazy, (what else) hydrate some more as soon as you wake up. My favorite ways to speed up feeling better is with lemon, which help your body replace fluids lost by dehydration. Tip: this sparkling option has lemon essence right into it. Also, lime isn’t just for Cuervo.

The secret to feel good mornings (preventing hangovers) | The Laotian Commotion #ad #FeelGood

“lemon juice can actually help ease symptoms of a hangover such as headaches and migraines by making the body more alkaline.” – http://alcohol.addictionblog.org/lemons-cure-hangover/

What are your hangover tips?

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9 thoughts on “A Major Tip for Feel Good Mornings After Not-So-Good Nights: Drink More

  1. I accidentally got hammered the night before our wedding, which resulted in me eating frozen waffles at 3 am with my bridesmaid. And I felt like shit the next day, but had to get my hair did…so…water. Water. Water. Water. Water. I had 8 glasses of water by 11 am and magically by 4pm I was feeling less pukey and more bride-like and walked down the aisle with a smile.

    From then on out, when I’ve gotten accidentally trashed (because I never go in intending it), the water rule is my go-to. If I can drink 1-2 glasses before passing out. And then 1-2 every time I wake up to pee, I am usually good by morning!

    But also, McDonald’s sausage/egg McMuffin’s work well…

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