Bye, Babies: My Online Life Is No Longer Cute

One thousand and four hundred (and counting) photos of godknowswhat on my profile and I am still on a rampage to delete them all. “All” means any photo with either of my child’s clear face or body. I’m done with the guilt. I’m done with over-sharing. My online world just got bumped down a few cute notches but I’m done with exposing my kids all over the place for the silliest reasons. I’m done with hiding behind them and the other creepy ways that caused me to hide.

A few weeks ago, I actually came out of hiding and removed my Instagram profile from private. My reasoning can be summed up in the fact that I felt exclusionary to a larger community I wanted to contribute my unique experiences and learn even more. If I wanted to engage in the hashtag “#gymnurstics” I wouldn’t be notified of my interaction if that person was not following me or I them. Where’s the sense of community in that? I’m reevaluating what I want to achieve in my online life and it’s not for page views, likes, or follows. As for those pedophiles, even if my child was fully clothed in a hazmat suit, pedophiles are pedophiles. Their motives are beyond what you assume they seek while preying.

I started this blog around this exact time in 2011, the year Humnoy was born, to document things that didn’t belong or fit in a Facebook status. This site was for me to document how I wanted to raise my biracial family with old-world resources appropriated by my actual ancestors. It evolved from me writing about my eccentric Laotian family to finding a community of like-minded families, who understood me in spite of a cultural difference, to then being brazen enough to share my sex life. I’m here and I want to be here. I’m the voice for these words. I’m the parent in front of the kids. I’m the wife in this life. I’m this person first. Honestly though? I don’t want my kids to be upset with me; they’ll embarrass themselves by their own doing but never by mine.

Hope you stick around,


16 thoughts on “Bye, Babies: My Online Life Is No Longer Cute

  1. I’ll be hangin around as long as you do. Lord knows I love to see them babies on my feed, but I check your blog regularly to see “what Theeks up to”. You ARE all those things. WE are all those things. I feel like you’re a kindred spirit, and from a first time mom (with no siblings) livin in nowhere, Alaska that’s enough.

  2. I recently removed my kids’ Facebook photos too! I’ve been going back and forth on this and have removed and added pics over the years, but I think I’m sticking it out this time around.

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