Simple and Kinda Awkward Ways To Treat A Plugged Milk Duct in 2 Days

How to cure plugged milk ducts in 48 hours | The Laotian Commotion

Don’t touch me; bring me a beer; make me a sandwich! BLARGH BLARGH BLARGH – said every breastfeeding mom ever

No offense to guys’ junk punch, but I’m just going to come out and say that getting punched in the boob is worse. That’s exactly how having a plugged milk duct feels like. A blocked/clogged/plugged milk duct while breastfeeding “is the formation of a hard lump in the breast, usually near the areola or nipple. The lump will usually be painful when touched, and the skin around the lump may become red.” It feels like waking up feeling like your breasts had too much of a good time and got into a scuffle with a toothless bum. In my case, that good time is the coveted sleeping through the night and that bum is my 7-month-old. Breastfeeding problems make you a ragey momster and I would do just about anything, awkward included. A painful chest is the last thing you want with lunch to make in a disgusting house with hungry kids so I did these very simple methods and my boobs (and sanity) are back to normal, if that is ever true for breastfeeding, in two days.

treat a plugged milk duct in 2 days | The Laotian Commotion
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  1. Boob a lot This goes without saying anyway, breastfeeding on demand is the way to go regardless of blocked-up milk. It is especially true for when you have a clog in your boob and having baby feed often is to stimulate the milk flow and empty that clog. I nursed the affected boob a lot to where the other became engorged (Don’t do this though). If possible, try to be in bed with the baby as often as you can during this bout. Get some help so you can so don’t be afraid to ask.
  2. Awkward positions No, silly, not toddler positions because in this case, gravity is your friend. The idea is to have the milk flow better so do a football hold or the dangle, a position where you are on all fours and baby latches on with chin toward lump. Trust me, it’s not sexy but it should help relieve some of that milk. This is not advised with an awake older sibling because you will get climbed on.
  3. Massage that ish It may hurt to touch it but stimulating the ducts toward the nipple should help heal it. My favorite is gently massaging it while the baby is nursing in the dangle. It just got more awkward.
  4. Hot stuff Warm compresses on the affected area of the clogged boob will provide a mini-spa experience. No, just kidding, it’s to help clear up the rock in your boob. has a great suggestion to fill a disposable diaper with warm water to keep it warm instead of a wet washcloth, which goes cold quickly and gets kinda messy.
  5. Massage/hot combo My favoritest moment of this entire time of rock boobs is when I’m in the hot, hot, hot shower. It’s a double-whammy to be able to have my first shower in three days and massage the clog. If I’m feeling major pressure, this is where I also express some out if it’s been a while since a last feed. I will have the water come down on the affected boob while gently massaging.

Honorable mentions:
– Treat immediately or it may quickly turn into mastitis
– Go without a bra and other tight-fitting clothing
– Make sure the baby’s latch is correct

How have you tried to relieve plugged ducts or mastitis?

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6 thoughts on “Simple and Kinda Awkward Ways To Treat A Plugged Milk Duct in 2 Days

  1. Dying literally with the pain that is (what I suspect to be) my plugged duct. Will be giving this a try. Fingers crosed. Just a note….ive become a bit lazy and usually feed baby in a craddled sleping position. Which resulted in par of the boob being neglected. (It kind of drooped down and away from the suckling. This is now where the plug has formed.

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