One Home Birth and Zero Social Security Card Later


“Your. Wait. Will. Be. Fifty. Five. Minutes,” said Social Security Robocop over the phone. So, I waited 55 minutes and then some and finally the elevator music stopped. I put on my phone voice to hide my annoyance for waiting that long then “SUMBITCH!” because those fools hung up on me. It was Friday afternoon. See, the baby does not have a social security card, which I had applied for when she was born and never received.

Now, I wonder if her card has been stolen and someone’s running around with a n 8-month-old’s identity or if it has something to do with her home birth. Humnoy was born in the hospital and we received his card in a timely manner. I finally get around to speaking to an actual Social Security person and they tell me the following things I need to do in order to get her one:

  1. Application – fill out a simple form and turn it in
  2. Medical records – prove that she is in the medical system (i.e., doctor’s note)
  3. Identification – prove that she was born (i.e., birth certificate)

In addition to the time being spent filling out and gathering this information, there are fees to even get it. To obtain a birth certificate in King County, it is $20. For any other payment method beside mailing it in or waiting in line, it would be $32.50. Yes, for almost $13 more, I could do it online but I won’t because that is stupid. The next thing is filling out the order form because it is a bit awkward when the form asks which hospital she was born. The office assistant at the midwives office made a remark that this has occurred before and they don’t really have any answers. Okay… that’s annoying.

How have you solved annoying document issues?

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15 thoughts on “One Home Birth and Zero Social Security Card Later

  1. So annoying! This happened with my lil guys birth certificate. It was awful! I called everyone on earth I could and in ally the midwives office figured it out, it sucks yours isn’t being helpful 😦

    • It’s a hassle and definitely unfair that I essentially have to “pay” to even get it. If it was just taken care of initially, it would cost me nothing in time or money. -_-

      Glad your birth cert worked out. Hope it didn’t affect anything!


  2. Wait– you can do it online? Or just in your state? My HB MWs send off for it when they submit for the birth certificate (which came quickly), but there was a technical error and a half-dozen of their clients (including me) never received our SS cards, so I have to do it. I was waiting until the government shutdown was over… I’d love to do it online though!

  3. Very annoying. My 9 year old didn’t have a birth certificate until he was 4 years old, and going into preschool. He probably wouldn’t have it still if he didn’t need it because I was sick to death of the annoying BS.

  4. My DS7mo. was born in a hospital but we never got his SS card either – maybe the SSA took a vacation like…all year. Total pain! I’ve been to the office twice and first didn’t have a medical record – NO WHERE did I see ANYTHING that said a birth certificate was not an adequate proof of identity for baby. Not until I drove 40 mins to the office, locked my keys in the car, and wasted an hour waiting to talk to a guy. Then I went to get his shot record and they misspelled his name! Which I of course didn’t notice until I was back at the office for the 2nd time! Third times a charm, I hope….

  5. Toooootally get where you’re coming from. In AZ there’s a little box you check on the birth certificate form for getting the social security card (I guess they do all the work for you here?), but getting that f-ing birth certificate was a hassle.
    I had a unassisted homebirth, and unassisted pregnancy, so I had to have “proof of pregnancy, proof of baby, proof of residence, proof of living at residence during birth”, and on top of that they want me to pay them for the stupid BC. I honestly didn’t care about getting it either way, but you can’t get a passport without it…
    Anyways we ended up getting the social security card a month before the actual birth certificate! Bureaucracy is retarded!

    • That seems like what WA is *supposed* to do too but this home birth happens a lot to mess it up. It was seamless with my first’s hospital birth but goes to show how that the process prefers hospital it seems. I just sent off for Lanoy’s birth certificate so hopefully I see it eventually. :-/

      • yeah, your post inspired me to write about ours lol. The hoop-jumping they force us to go through is ridiculous. With my son (hospital) his BC and SSC both arrived in about a week. With our homebirth, SSC took 2 months and BC took 3 because of their BS!

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